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staff | Chicago, IL | 8/20/05
Robert Walston and his gang stole the election in Teamsters Local 743 in October 2004.
Joe Iosbaker | Chicago, IL | 8/20/05
100 workers at the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) marched on the labor relations office on Jan. 19.
staff | Chicago, IL | 8/05/05
A dramatic split rocked the U.S. trade union federation, the AFL-CIO, convening its 25th Convention, July 25-28.
Brad Sigal | Twin Cities, MN | 8/01/05
“After our strike two years ago, we were ready to sit down and negotiate a good contract this year. But U of M management started off by undermining our...
Mick Kelly | Chicago, IL | 7/24/05
Chanting, “CIA! NED! Hands off Venezuela!” more than 100 trade unionists and other progressive activists braved one of the hottest days in Chicago’s...
staff | United States | 7/05/05
On July 5, writers for Fight Back! interviewed Dolores Huerta.
staff | Chicago, IL | 7/01/05
The Latin American Solidarity Coalition and the Chicago-based Organizing Group to Say No to the NED have called a demonstration at Navy Pier to support...
staff | United States | 6/03/05
In addition to the internal debates over the future of labor, there are two struggles over foreign policies that will happen at the July convention of the...
staff | United States | 6/01/05
International Teamster President James P. Hoffa is in trouble.
Hoffa, TDU, the mob
Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 6/01/05
U.S. Labor Against War (USLAW) will tour six Iraqi trade unionists across the country soon.