Saturday January 28, 2023
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All Workers Militant Front (PAME) | Greece | 9/14/22
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the influential Greek labor organization, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME).
staff | Oshkosh, WI | 9/14/22
Worker solidarity proved to be too much for the administration of UW Oshkosh, when they were forced September 12 to scrap their plan to privatize over 100...
staff | Madison, WI | 9/13/22
On September 12, a tentative agreement was reached between nurses at University of Wisconsin Health (UW Health) and administration over management...
Jacob Muldoon | Tallahassee, FL | 9/13/22
On September 5, Starbucks Workers United (SBWU) and Serenity’s Bartenders United called strikes.
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 8/30/22
More than 300 University of Minnesota (UMN) service workers represented by Teamsters Local 320, along with members AFSCME, students, faculty, and others,...
J. Sykes | United States | 8/28/22
It is a fact of historical materialism that the development of the productive forces reduces the amount of labor required by production.
staff | Columbus, OH | 8/28/22
Rallying around a message of “Don’t walk away from our students,” the Columbus Education Association, the union representing nearly 4500 teachers,...
staff | Cedar Rapids, IA | 8/23/22
Over 120 workers from the Ingredion plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa have been on strike for 22 days after rejecting the bosses “last, best and final offer” on...
staff | Seattle, WA | 8/21/22
Workers at the Homegrown distribution center began a 24-hour strike on August 17 over invasive surveillance cameras, kicking off strike votes at other...
staff | Chicago, IL | 8/07/22
On August 1, Teamster locals across the country kicked off their 2023 contract campaign under the slogan, “UPS Teamsters United for a Strong Contract!”