Friday December 19, 2014
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In-Justice System

Brian Marshall | Tallahassee, FL | 11/24/14
Thirty people rallied for justice for Duane Strong on Nov. 22 at the intersection of Tennessee Street and White Drive. Strong, an 18-year-old African...
Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 11/24/14
On Nov. 24, a Ferguson grand jury decision cleared police officer Darren Wilson of the murder of Michael Brown.
Brad Sigal | Minneapolis, MN | 11/23/14
Students led a march of more than 200 people here Nov. 20 to demand justice for the 43 disappeared student activists from the rural teacher’s college in...
staff | Detroit, MI | 11/22/14
The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) has filed a motion to be admitted as amicus curiae in the case of Rasmea Odeh, to support the request by Rasmea Odeh’s...
Alyssa Ferris | Salt Lake City, UT | 11/21/14
70 activists gathered on Nov. 19 for a meeting of Utah Against Police Brutality at the main public library.
staff | New York, NY | 11/20/14
Protesters converged on Federal Plaza here, Nov. 15 to demand justice for Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh. The protest was called by Students for...
Jim Byrne | Tucson, AZ | 11/19/14
Over a dozen activists rallied in solidarity with Rasmea Odeh outside the Federal Courthouse in front of busy Tucson traffic on Nov. 18. Amid the presence...
Mick Kelly | Detroit, MI | 11/18/14
Michael E. Deutsch, one of the attorneys on the defense team of prominent Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh, filed a motion to Federal Court here,...
Dalek Pretorius | Salt Lake City, UT | 11/18/14
Activists rallied in front of the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building on Nov. 16, as part of a national week of action in support of Palestinian American...
Rasmea Odeh
Rasmea Defense Committee | United States | 11/18/14
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Nov. 18 statement from the Rasmea Defense Committee.