Monday March 27, 2017
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In-Justice System

Connell Crooms | Jacksonville, FL | 6/15/16
Over 50 community members gathered here, June 11, at 9th and Liberty Street to protest the police killing of Vernell Bing Jr.
staff | Detroit, MI | 6/15/16
Over 100 people from all over the Midwest gathered in Detroit to support Rasmea Odeh as she, her attorneys, and the prosecution appeared before Judge...
Jess Schwartz | Tampa, Fl | 6/14/16
The Committee to Stop FBI Repression - Tampa (CSFR-Tampa) held a rally attended by 15 activists and community members here, June 13, at the corner of 56th...
Tom Burke | Detroit, MI | 6/14/16
Over 100 supporters of Rasmea Odeh chanted her name in excitement as she emerged from the Federal Court Building in downtown Detroit on June 13.
staff | Tampa, FL | 6/12/16
Tampa activists plan to rally here in support of long-time Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh, on Monday, June 13, 5:30 p.m. at 56th and Fowler...
staff | New York, New York | 6/11/16
45 activists and community organizers gathered at 19 W 44 th Street, the office of G4S Security Solutions, June 10, to stand in support for Rasmea Odeh, a...
staff | San Jose, CA | 6/11/16
On June 10, members and supporters of the South Bay Committee Against Political Repression (SBCAPR), passed out flyers and held signs in support of Rasmea...
Mick Kelly | Minneapolis, MN | 6/10/16
From across the Midwest, supporters of longtime Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh are mobilizing for a Detroit rally that will coincide with her...
Rasmea Odeh
Mick Kelly | New York, New York | 6/09/16
New York, NY - Supporters of Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh will be rallying here, June 10, 4:00 until 7:00 p.m., at G4S Secure Solutions (19 W...
staff | Tallahassee, FL | 6/08/16
Tallahassee students rallied in front of the First District Court of Appeals, June 7, to protest Michael Dunn’s appeal hearing.