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Capitalism and Economy

staff | Boston, MA | 10/02/11
In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street campaign, Boston is joining in with other cities across the United States.
Arthur Henson | Greece | 10/02/11
The Greek predicament exposes root problems of capitalism. Production is a highly organized process. It embraces the whole of society. Yet the means of...
Carolyn Riccardi | Wall Street, New York, NY | 10/02/11
On October 1, Occupy Wall Street continued to grow and attract support from new sectors. Thousands marched, and the NYPD arrested more than 700 protesters...
staff | Chicago, IL | 9/15/11
Fight Back! interviews Joe Iosbaker, the Chicago spokesperson for the United Anti War Coalition, on the protests that will coincide with the NATO/G8...
Masao Suzuki | San José, CA | 9/14/11
San José, CA - On Sept. 13, the Census Bureau released their annual report on income, poverty, and health insurance in the United States. The report said...
Fight Back! Editors | United States | 9/11/11
The U.S. economy continues to stagnate with almost no economic growth or job creation more than three years after the great financial crisis of 2008 and...
Masao Suzuki | San José, CA | 9/05/11
In a sign that the economy is on the edge of another downturn, the Labor Department reported on Sept. 2 that there was no gain in jobs in August.
Masao Suzuki | San José, CA | 8/09/11
On August 5, Standard and Poors, commonly known as S&P, downgraded U.S. government bonds from the highest rating AAA to the second-highest AA+.
Masao Suzuki | San José, CA | 8/07/11
The recent federal debt limit deal passed by the House and Senate and signed into law by president Obama promises at least $2.1 trillion in spending cuts...
Masao Suzuki | San José, CA | 8/05/11
On Aug. 2, President Obama signed into law a bipartisan deal to raise the federal debt limit and cut federal spending.
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