Wednesday March 29, 2017
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Antiwar Movement

Mick Kelly | Minneapolis, MN | 5/30/16
bout 40 people rallied in front of the Federal Courthouse, May 26, to demand justice for the three Somali youth who are facing life in prison, having been...
Michela Martinazzi | New York, New York | 5/27/16
Every year in New York, leftists gather for the Left Forum. This year, the Left Forum took place May 20-22 and included several hundred workshops on an...
David Hoskins | Washington, DC | 5/17/16
On May 14 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared a constitutional state of emergency in that country.
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 5/17/16
About 40 people joined the Twin Cities based Anti-War Committee, May 15, for its annual remembrance of Al-Nakba, or “the catastrophe” that occurred in...
Al Nakba
Jess Sundin | Minneapolis, MN | 5/16/16
Week two of the trial of three Somali youth will open May 16, with the continued testimony of Abdullahi Mohamud Yusuf.
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 5/12/16
The Anti-War Committee is holding its annual remembrance of Al-Nakba, or “the catastrophe” that occurred in 1948 when hundreds of thousands of...
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 5/11/16
After a few days of preliminary motions and jury selection, opening arguments were presented on May 11 at the trial of three young local Somali men.
Jess Sundin | Minneapolis, MN | 5/10/16
More than 100 people came to the Minneapolis Federal Courts Building to support three Muslim youth from the Somali community charged with conspiring to...
Theresa Nielson | Salt Lake City, Utah | 5/03/16
On May 1, 100 people gathered at the Salt Lake City and County Building to celebrate, table and rally for International Workers Day.
Joe Iosbaker | Chicao, IL | 5/03/16
1000 people marched in Chicago, May 1, from Union Park to the Haymarket Memorial, and then into downtown Chicago to Trump Towers.