Saturday February 13, 2016
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Antiwar Movement

staff | Minneapolis, MN | 5/13/12
This coming weekend, Minnesotans will fill two buses headed for Chicago to participate in an anti-war march and rally outside the NATO summit meeting on...
staff | Chicago, IL | 5/11/12
The Coalition Against NATO/G8 War And Poverty Agenda (CANG8), which is spearheading the massive march on the NATO summit May 20, has announced the...
staff | Chicago, IL | 5/02/12
About 3000 people marched here, May 1, to celebrate International Workers Day.
Tom Burke | Grand Rapids, MI | 5/01/12
Anti-war activists held a May Day rally against the U.S.-led NATO war in Afghanistan.
staff | Chicago, IL | 4/30/12
Reverend Errol Narain and the congregation of Trinity Episcopal Church are extending open arms to protesters who will be marching against NATO this month.
staff | Chicago, IL | 4/24/12
A press conference was held here, April 23, with the Reverend Jesse Jackson, trade union leaders and ministers, along with Iraq Veterans Against the War,...
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 4/23/12
On April 16, the Minnesota Anti-War Committee hosted Joe Iosbaker, one of the principle organizers of the Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty...
staff | Chicago, IL | 4/18/12
In the past week, unions representing over 135,000 workers have endorsed the protest march on the NATO summit in Chicago, May 20.
staff | Chicago, IL | 4/13/12
On April 11, the Reverend Jesse Jackson announced his support for the May 20 protest march against the NATO summit in Chicago.
Tom Burke | Tampa, FL | 4/09/12
The Coalition To March On The RNC showed up in force at the Tampa City Council April 5, to demand permits and oppose Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s ‘Clean Zone.’