Saturday July 21, 2018
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5/19/18 Oshkosh stands in solidarity with Palestine Oshkosh, WI
2/26/18 Oshkosh, WI activists announce sanctuary campaign Oshkosh, WI
6/24/18 Protest against separation of immigrant families in Oshkosh, WI Oshkosh, WI
5/23/18 Celebration of Palestinian culture comes to Oshkosh Oshkosh, WI
4/11/18 Oshkosh SDS holds emergency “Hands off Syria” rally Oshkosh, WI
3/06/18 SDS announces list of demands, delivers letter to chancellor with 50 students in tow Oskosh, WI
6/13/18 PFLP: Rallies in Ramallah, Dheisheh must grow to confront occupation, PA sanctions on Gaza Palestine
1/28/18 Free Ahed Tamimi, Nariman Tamimi and all political prisoners! Palestine
3/31/18 PFLP leader: The Great Return March is a popular referendum on Palestinian rights and resistance Palestine
5/20/18 ILPS condemns massacre of Palestinians by Israel Palestine
4/21/18 PFLP condemns imperialist aggression on Syria Palestine
1/20/18 Hezbollah warns Israel against building separation wall Palestine
4/05/18 Israeli drone attack kills Palestinian in Gaza Palestine
3/16/18 Working Women’s Congress of WFTU held in Panama Panama City, Panama
1/27/18 Quid pro quo: Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines in exchange for support to Duterte’s corrupt and criminal rule Philippines
2/16/18 New People’s Army condemns Duterte’s misogynist statements Philippines
2/02/18 NDFP strongly condemns illegal arrest of NDFP consultant Rafael Baylosis and companion Philippines
4/22/18 Strengthen the NDFP and carry forward the people's democratic revolution! Philippines
3/25/18 Communist Party of the Philippines: Defend human rights against state terrorism Philippines
2/22/18 New People’s Army inflicts heavy losses on Armed Forces of Philippines Philippines
5/23/18 Workers at U.S. corporation in Philippines launch sit-down strike Philippines
4/05/18 Workers in Philippines support moves to resume peace talks Philippines
3/17/18 135th anniversary of Marx’s passing marked in Philippines Philippines
2/25/18 Three police officers injured in another ambush by New People’s Army Philippines
5/23/18 Philippines: End martial law! Overthrow the U.S. - Duterte regime! Philippines