Monday November 28, 2022
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Published Title Location
7/15/22 Minneapolis police murder Tekle Sundberg Minneapolis, MN
7/15/22 Purchasing power of workers’ wages take biggest tumble in 40 years San José, CA
7/14/22 New Orleans for Community Oversight of Police confronts mayor at town hall New Orleans, LA
7/14/22 New Orleans places demand for protection from the Louisiana State Police on mayor’s doors New Orleans, LA
7/13/22 New Orleans protesters march to mayor’s house to protect abortion rights New Orleans, LA
7/12/22 Brooklyn speaks out for justice for Jayland Walker Brooklyn, NY
7/11/22 SCOTUS decision on the EPA: Time to fight for climate justice in the streets! Minneapolis, MN
7/10/22 Thousands of Portuguese workers rally against inflation and stagnant wages Lisbon, Portugal
7/10/22 Vigil held for Jayland Walker and Milwaukee victims of police crimes Milwaukee, WI
7/10/22 Red Theory: The revolutionary significance of Marx’s critique of capitalism United States
7/10/22 Denver SDS, FRSO demand access to abortion for all at senator’s office Denver, CO
7/08/22 Chicago demands justice for Jayland Walker, community control of police Chicago, IL
7/07/22 Detroit group joins the Freedom Road Socialist Organization Detroit, MI
7/07/22 Appleton WI: “Nothing to celebrate” July 4 rally demands non-enforcement of state’s anti-abortion law Appleton, WI
7/06/22 Twin Cities organizers memorialize 53 migrants who died in south Texas, press Senator Smith for immigrant rights action Saint Paul, MN
7/06/22 Michigan rally for reproductive rights Grand Rapids, MI
7/06/22 Tallahassee protest defends women’s and reproductive rights Tallahassee, FL
7/06/22 People’s Independence Day: Milwaukee takes to the streets to protest Supreme Court rulings Milwaukee, WI
7/05/22 National Alliance: Statement on the Murder of Jayland Walker United States
7/05/22 Tampa demands justice for Jayland Walker, community control of the police Tampa, FL
7/05/22 FRSO: Resolution Against the U.S./NATO-Provoked War in Ukraine United States
7/05/22 NYC: Reclaim Pride marches for LGBTQ liberation and reproductive justice New York, NY
7/04/22 California: Boyle Heights rallies for reproductive rights Los Angeles, CA
7/04/22 Protests after Akron police murder Jayland Walker Akron, OH
7/04/22 Hundreds march in Tampa in defense of reproductive rights, Roe v. Wade Tampa, FL