Wednesday November 25, 2020
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Published Titlesort icon Location
2/17/20 Free Gerald Reed Now! Chicago, IL
4/08/20 Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns attacks on Asian Americans United States
2/12/20 FRSO calls for the immediate release and repatriation of political prisoner Facundo Molares United States
7/08/20 FRSO condemns Duterte's terror law, demands U.S. out of Philippines United States
3/19/20 FRSO condemns the murder of Communist Party of the Philippines leader Julius Giron Philippines
3/10/20 FRSO delegation arrives in Caracas, meets with human rights organization Caracas, Venezuela
1/20/20 FRSO Delegation Visits Bolivarian University of Venezuela Caracas
5/09/20 FRSO demands justice for Ahmaud Arbery United States
11/13/20 FRSO joins Anti-imperialist Working Class World Summit Venezuela
3/10/20 FRSO labor delegation joins Venezuelan march defending the Bolivarian government Caracas, Venezuela
3/10/20 FRSO labor delegation meets with Venezuelan trade union leaders Caracas, Venezuela
3/05/20 FRSO leader Steff Yorek says capitalism, Trump administration, set to make coronavirus epidemic worse Minneapolis, MN
4/14/20 FRSO leader Steff Yorek speaks out on pandemic Minneapolis, MN
5/28/20 FRSO leader Steff Yorek: ‘100,000 are dead and capitalism is making the pandemic a human-made disaster’ Minneapolis, MN
4/27/20 FRSO online event: COVID-19 pandemic striking Black and brown communities New York, NY
3/24/20 FRSO online forum: A people’s response to the coronavirus crisis Minneapolis, MN
9/08/20 FRSO Portland denounces extrajudicial police killing of Michael Reinoehl Portland, OR
9/20/20 FRSO stands in solidarity with anti-racist activists arrested in Denver United States
1/28/20 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with women in Bolivarian Militia Caracas, Venezuela
3/12/20 FSU students unite against Charlie Kirk’s ‘Culture War’ event Tallahassee, FL
5/28/20 General Appeal Regarding the International Health Emergency –Covid 19 World
10/08/20 George Floyd’s killer released on bond Minneapolis, MN
5/13/20 Georgia politicians, activists demand action for poultry workers Gainesville, GA
2/22/20 Germany: Lenin comes to Gelsenkirchen! Germany
11/13/20 Gipp family holds angelversary for Ryan Gipp at Standing Rock Reservation Fort Yates, ND