Wednesday October 21, 2020
| Last update: Wednesday at 9:07 AM


Published Title Location
7/25/20 Tire workers report Kumho’s COVID-19 safety lapses Macon, GA
7/25/20 Coalition to March on the DNC announces shift, to prioritize movement against police crimes Milwaukee, WI
7/24/20 Florida State students host call-in day, slave-owner statue removed once again Tallahassee, FL
7/24/20 Michigan workers demand $600 unemployment from U.S. Rep. Huizenga Grandville, MI
7/24/20 MN teachers protest for safe teaching conditions St. Paul, MN
7/24/20 $600 unemployment benefits expire as more workers lose jobs San José, CA
7/23/20 Trump forced to cancel RNC acceptance speech, Jacksonville wins showdown Jacksonville, FL
7/23/20 Stand with the resistance in Portland! Portland, OR
7/23/20 Philippines: New People’s Army lands blow on U.S.-backed Duterte regime armed forces Philippines
7/23/20 Oscar Lopez Rivera wishes Happy Birthday and Freedom to Simon Trinidad United States
7/21/20 Federal officers seen dragging protesters into unmarked vans in Portland Portland, OR
7/21/20 The Wisconsin District of FRSO condemns the deployment of federal agents to Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
7/21/20 Trump deploying 150 federal agents in Chicago to repress our movement United States
7/20/20 Historic day in Florida: Black Lives Matter actions in Gadsden, Wakulla and Leon Counties Tallahassee, FL
7/20/20 Jacksonville holds drive-in protest, demands People’s Budget and community control of the police Jacksonville, FL
7/20/20 Hundreds take to the streets in Salt Lake demanding community control of police Salt Lake City, UT
7/20/20 Teamsters across the country petition for O’Brien-Zuckerman Tampa, FL
7/20/20 Tampa demands justice for Josiah, community control of the police Tampa, FL
7/20/20 Boyle Heights holds rally for national protest day against police crimes Los Angeles, CA
7/20/20 Chicago joins national day of protest, presses demand for community control of police Chicago, IL
7/19/20 Black lives matter victories at University of Texas-Arlington Arlington, TX
7/18/20 Milwaukee: Northside marches against WE Energies and for green jobs Milwaukee, WI
7/18/20 The $600 is essential for the unemployed, extend FPUC now! San José, CA
7/17/20 Michigan workers rally and march for unemployment extensions Lansing, MI
7/15/20 Terrorist regime vilifies human rights organizations and victims of human rights violations as terrorist Philippines