Saturday June 3, 2023
| Last update: Friday at 5:11 PM


Published Title Location
4/17/23 Minnesotans protest war spending on Tax Day Minneapolis, MN
4/15/23 Chicago: Unionized educators at charters flex their muscle Chicago, IL
4/15/23 Louisiana LGBTQ activists march on state capitol and governor’s mansion New Orleans, LA
4/14/23 Downtown New Orleans Starbucks workers file for union election New Orleans, LA
4/14/23 The Legalization for All Network’s border delegation learns from students Los Angeles, CA
4/14/23 Border delegation in San Diego: Immigration panel Los Angeles, CA
4/14/23 Dallas protest against Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa Dallas, TX
4/13/23 Protesters facing felony charges reject plea deal Tampa, FL
4/13/23 Planned Parenthood workers rally to demand reinstatement of fired bargaining committee member Minneapolis, MN
4/12/23 Protest at the 2024 Democratic National Convention Chicago, IL
4/12/23 A people's mandate: Milwaukee County overwhelmingly demands an end to state abortion ban Milwaukee, WI
4/12/23 Tampa stands against the 6-week abortion ban Tampa, FL
4/12/23 Milwaukee SDS unveils new campaign to increase Black enrollment on campus Milwaukee, WI
4/12/23 University of Washington students rally to support workers at Homegrown Sandwiches Seattle, WA
4/11/23 Great progress: FRSO fund drive nets $25,000 so far United States
4/11/23 New York City: Progressive forces demand ‘No to U.S. warmongering! Hands off the Philippines!’ New York, NY
4/10/23 University of Washington students stand up to anti-choice Turning Point USA Seattle, WA
4/10/23 Starbucks workers strike 7 stores in Illinois Chicago, IL
4/09/23 USF students demand their administration stand up to DeSantis’ attacks! Tampa, FL
4/09/23 Hundreds march for Palestine to say hands off Al-Aqsa Columbia Heights, MN
4/09/23 Minnesota marches for Trans Day of Visibility Minneapolis, MN
4/08/23 Day 3 of the Legalization For All Network Delegation to U.S.-Mexico border San Diego, CA
4/08/23 Milwaukee: FPC set to vote on policy for release of footage in police-involved critical incidents Milwaukee, WI
4/07/23 Minnesota: Grocery store workers at 33 Cub Foods stores win big on eve of strike Minneapolis, MN
4/07/23 Victory in fight for Tampa Citizens Review Board independence Tampa, FL