Friday October 31, 2014
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7/17/14 University of Florida students march for Palestine, denounce US support for Israel Gainesville, FL
4/22/14 Florida students rally to demand Tuition Equity Gainesville, FL
8/18/14 PFLP to help rebuild Gaza Gaza, Palestine
7/18/14 PFLP: We reject the so-called ceasefire proposal Gaza, Palestine
8/03/14 PFLP: We will not raise the white flag in the face of massacres Gaza, Palestine
7/21/14 PFLP condemns Israeli massacre in Gaza City Gaza, Palestine
7/10/14 PFLP: Massive assault against civilians in Gaza requires unity and confrontation Gaza, Palestine
9/24/14 Victory for Khalida Jarrar as expulsion order defeated Gaza, Palestine
8/27/14 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issues statement on ceasefire Gaza, Palestine
9/03/14 PFLP mass march and military rally in Gaza upholds resistance Gaza, Palestine
8/03/14 PFLP: We will not raise the white flag in the face of massacres Gaza, Palestine
8/14/14 PFLP: “We are all resistance” campaign organizes youth activities in Maghazi camp Gaza, Palestine
7/21/14 Palestine resistance announces capture of Israeli soldier Gaza, Palestine
8/14/14 Michigan vigil for Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO Grand Rapids, MI
8/17/14 Grand Rapids gathers for Michael Brown and solidarity with Ferguson protests Grand Rapids, MI
2/20/14 Grand Rapids protests war criminal Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater Grand Rapids, MI
4/16/14 Anti-war activist proudly pleads guilty to ‘disturbing’ U.S. war criminal General Petraeus Grand Rapids, MI
7/22/14 Grand Rapids protest against Israeli war and occupation Grand Rapids, MI
7/26/14 West Michigan protest against Israeli war on Gaza Grand Rapids, MI
7/20/14 Grand Rapidians celebrate Mandela Day, circulate petition for Rasmea Odeh Grand Rapids, MI
5/23/14 Monsanto makes war in Colombia Grand Rapids, MI
8/11/14 Grand Rapids march for Gaza Grand Rapids, MI
1/29/14 People’s songster Pete Seeger dies Grand Rapids, MI
8/05/14 Rally supporting Palestine at Grand Rapids Federal Building Grand Rapids, MI
2/07/14 Anti-war activist who told General Petraeus “You are a war criminal,” faces charges Grand Rapids, MI