Thursday July 31, 2014
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5/26/14 Another LAPD checkpoint in El Sereno, second this month Los Angeles, CA
4/09/14 Los Angeles Unified School District Board backs call to stop deportations! Los Angeles, CA
1/23/14 Chicano activist Carlos Montes’ collection donated to LA’s Cal State University Los Angeles, CA
2/13/14 Fight for Black, Chicano Studies builds at CSULA Los Angeles, CA
3/31/14 Review of the movie 'Cesar Chavez' Los Angeles, CA
4/21/14 Mobilization for LA May Day march underway Los Angeles, CA
3/27/14 LA students paint mural commemorating 1968 high school walkouts Los Angeles, CA
2/07/14 Police target the undocumented, we call for moratorium on 30-day car impounds! Los Angeles, CA
5/02/14 LA May Day march demands: No more deportations, legalization for all Los Angeles, CA
1/13/14 Carlos Montes speaks on resignation of LA Sheriff Baca Los Angeles, CA
5/06/14 Chicano community protests police checkpoint Los Angeles, CA
6/23/14 Miami rallies against U.S. intervention in Iraq Miami, FL
5/20/14 South Florida commemorates Al Nakba, supports Rasmea Odeh Miami, FL
2/20/14 Medea Benjamin speaks with anti-war leaders in Miami Miami, FL
5/01/14 Miami celebrates May Day Miami, FL
3/09/14 Miami celebrates International Women’s Day Miami, FL
5/25/14 Hundreds march against Monsanto in Miami Miami, FL
4/16/14 Occupy Wall Street reunion in south Florida calls for solidarity Miami, FL
3/06/14 Milwaukee protests U.S. intervention in Venezuela Milwaukee, WI
7/13/14 Large protest in Milwaukee denounces bombing and occupation of Palestine Milwaukee, WI
2/28/14 UW-Milwaukee protests racial injustice, remembers Trayvon Martin Milwaukee, WI
5/17/14 Milwaukee vigil remembers Al Nakba, calls for solidarity with Rasmea Odeh Milwaukee, WI
6/24/14 Milwaukee activists shut down ICE Milwaukee, WI
4/07/14 Milwaukee based People’s Books Co-op boycotts Israel Milwaukee, WI
1/19/14 Protest at Milwaukee County District Attorney's office demands Justice for Corey Stingley Milwaukee, WI