Thursday December 18, 2014
| Last update: Tuesday at 11:00 PM


Published Title Location
11/18/14 Students Say "Shut Down the SOA!" Columbus, GA
11/18/14 MO Governor Nixon declares state of emergency, troops heading to Ferguson Saint Louis, MO
11/17/14 Florida students hold People’s Eulogy for disappeared Mexican students Gainesville, FL
11/17/14 Milwaukee rallies against verdict in Rasmea Odeh case Milwaukee, WI
11/17/14 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine urges escalation of uprising Palestine
11/15/14 FBI recruitment panel disrupted by FSU students Tallahassee, FL
11/14/14 Florida students show solidarity with Rasmea Odeh Gainesville, FL
11/13/14 Detroit demonstration to demand ‘Free Rasmea now!’ Detroit, MI
11/13/14 Chicago rally demands ‘Free Rasmea now’ Chicago, IL
11/12/14 Supporters of Rasmea Odeh lock down U.S. Federal Court building in Oakland Oakland, CA
11/11/14 SDS speaks out against police militarization Gainesville, FL
11/11/14 University of MN vigil shows solidarity with 43 missing Mexican students Minneapolis, MN
11/11/14 Minneapolis protest slams unjust guilty verdict in case of Rasmea Odeh Minneapolis, MN
11/10/14 Rasmea Odeh taken to jail in handcuffs, defense promises appeal Detriot, MI
11/10/14 After unjust guilty verdict, prosecutor trying to jail Rasmea Odeh Detroit, MI
11/10/14 Without a full and fair trial, Rasmea found guilty Detroit, MI
11/09/14 Legalization for All Network statement on mass killing of Mexican students Mexico
11/09/14 Gretna FL police kill Kaldrick Donald, residents protest Tallahassee, FL
11/07/14 Rasmea and her defense finish strong on last day of trial Detroit, MI
11/06/14 Utah rally against political repression, and for Rasmea Odeh Salt Lake City, UT
11/06/14 Tampa rally in solidarity with Odeh and Osmakac - targets of political repression Tampa, FL
11/06/14 South Florida anti-war activists rally as Rasmea Odeh trial begins in Detroit Fort Lauderdale, FL
11/06/14 University of Florida students support Rasmea Odeh Gainesville, FL
11/06/14 Rasmea Odeh takes the stand! Detroit, MI
11/06/14 Rasmea Odeh testifies, challenges prosecution lies Detroit, MI