Tuesday May 17, 2022
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Published Title Location
4/07/22 Staten Island Amazon workers vote ‘union yes’ New York, NY
4/07/22 Chicago: Transit workers demand bathroom facilities fit for humans Chicago, IL
4/06/22 Tallahassee: Vigil for lives lost at hands of killer cops Tallahassee, FL
4/06/22 Arlington, TX: Bigot removed from student government Arlington, TX
4/05/22 Arlington, TX: Students demand Turning Point USA bigots get out of student government Arlington, TX
4/04/22 March in Saint Paul demands: “Stand up against hate! justice for our Asian siblings!” Saint Paul, MN
4/03/22 General strike in India India
4/03/22 Minnesota: Labor union fights mass termination of unvaccinated workers Minneapolis, MN
4/03/22 Red theory: Dialectics or metaphysics, two methods of analysis United States
4/02/22 Tallahassee: A betrayal of Black people by Black politicians Tallahassee, FL
3/31/22 Tallahassee: International Women’s Day panel Tallahassee, FL
3/30/22 Sol Marquez of FRSO speaks out on International Women’s Day Los Angeles, CA
3/30/22 Commentary: Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey and the LGBTQ+ community Tallahassee, FL
3/28/22 Minneapolis teachers and education support professionals ratify contract after 20-day strike Minneapolis, MN
3/28/22 Texas rally against Gov. Abbot’s transphobic attacks Arlington, TX
3/27/22 In New Orleans hundreds unite to march against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation New Orleans, LA
3/27/22 Florida State University’s Graduate Assistants United demands change policies around COVID-19 Tallahassee, FL
3/27/22 Idealism or materialism: Two approaches to the world United States
3/25/22 Protest against torture in Illinois prisons Chicago, IL
3/25/22 Minneapolis teachers and support professionals reach tentative agreements on 18th day of strike Minneapolis, MN
3/24/22 U of MN students speak out for striking educators Minneapolis, MN
3/24/22 Minneapolis rallies on the anniversary of the Iraq invasion to say no to U.S. wars Minneapolis, MN
3/24/22 Minneapolis rallies on the anniversary of the Iraq invasion to say no to U.S. wars Minneapolis, MN
3/22/22 Letter to the editor: Black liberation, anti-imperialism, and Ukraine Chicago, IL
3/22/22 Steelworkers Local 5 votes down Chevron’s ‘last, best and final’ offer, prepares for unfair labor practice strike San Francisco, CA