Tuesday August 20, 2019
| Last update: Monday at 2:31 PM


Published Title Location
7/14/19 Minneapolis stands with Iran, Venezuela, Cuba against U.S. sanctions regime Minneapolis, MN
7/13/19 San Diego demands closure of Trump's concentration camps San Ysidro, CA
7/13/19 Carnegie Library told to respect union drive Pittsburgh, PA
7/12/19 Chicagoland Arab protest demands white supremist leave office Chicago, IL
7/09/19 Kalamazoo bus drivers march for union contract Kalamazoo, MI
7/05/19 Over 1000 union educators protest Houston Detention Center Houston, TX
7/05/19 Chicanos protest raids and deportations Los Angeles, CA
7/04/19 What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July? United States
7/03/19 Jacksonville protest at mayor and sheriff’s inauguration Jacksonville, FL
7/03/19 Dallas protesters march against Trump's concentration camps Dallas, TX
7/03/19 Chicago: Book signing for Frank Chapman’s autobiography Chicago, IL
7/02/19 Tucson protest tells Trump: No raids! No deportations! No family separations! Tucson, AZ
7/02/19 Minneapolis: 4000 march against Trump’s separation of families, concentration camps at the border Minneapolis, MN
7/02/19 ILPS stands in solidarity with Khaled Barakat! Hong Kong
7/01/19 Interview with Jose “Cha Cha” Jimenez on original Rainbow Coalition Chicago, IL
6/30/19 Dallas rally to demand “Close immigrant concentration camps!” Dallas, TX
6/30/19 Israel unleashes missile attack on Syria Washington DC
6/30/19 45,000 Demand Queer Liberation in NYC New York, NY
6/30/19 Communist Party of Philippines: Boldly struggle to end Duterte’s tyranny! Philippines
6/29/19 Huge Sunday march set for Minneapolis to protest Trump’s concentration camps at the border Minneapolis, MN
6/29/19 Stop the repression in Germany! Stand with those who stand with Palestine! Germany
6/29/19 “The Damned Don’t Cry: Pages from the Life of a Black Prisoner and Organizer” Chicago, IL
6/25/19 Protest at Minneapolis Pride challenges cop and corporate presence Minneapolis, MN
6/22/19 No raids, no deportations, no family separations! United States
6/22/19 IKEA workers vote to join Machinists union Washington DC