Wednesday June 7, 2023
| Last update: Wednesday at 5:02 AM


Published Title Location
5/20/23 Minneapolis holds emergency rally to demand no troops at the U.S.-Mexico border Minneapolis, MN
5/19/23 FRSO Labor Commission: Statement on the Teamster/UPS contract negotiations United States
5/19/23 Despite threats, Nelson Mandela’s grandson makes important visit to Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
5/19/23 Madison, WI: Interview with union leader Michael Jones of Madison Teachers, Inc. Madison, WI
5/18/23 For Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, read his account of how he became a communist Vietnam
5/18/23 The Tampa 5 are facing 10-plus years in jail! Drop the charges now! Tampa, FL
5/18/23 Chief Zwelivelile Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, in Milwaukee to commemorate 75th Nakba anniversary Milwaukee, WI
5/18/23 LGBTQ delegation witnesses how “Love is the law” in Cuba Havana, Cuba
5/18/23 Appleton, WI: Outagamie County residents demand accountability from transphobic county board member Appleton, WI
5/18/23 Supporters rally at first court date for Tampa 5 Tampa, FL
5/18/23 Seattle students protest misogynist professor Seattle, WA
5/17/23 Appleton, WI: Students host banner-drop in support of Palestinian liberation on Nakba Day Appleton, WI
5/16/23 Atlanta police doubles down on attacks on Cop City protesters Atlanta, GA
5/16/23 Milwaukee commemorates the 137th anniversary of the Bay View Massacre Milwaukee, WI
5/16/23 Denver continues fight for justice in case of mass police shooting Denver, CO
5/16/23 Drop the charges on the Tampa 5! Call-in for their first court appearance Tampa, FL
5/16/23 Labor Party of Turkey (EMEP) election statement: United people's struggle will overthrow the one-man regime Turkey
5/15/23 SDS Denver wins a major victory in the fight for police demilitarization Denver, CO
5/15/23 Minnesota human rights organizations condemn U of MN cancelation of Nakba event featuring grandson of Nelson Mandela Minneapolis, MN
5/15/23 March on Senator Ron Johnson’s office in Milwaukee to demand end to U.S. aid to Israel Milwaukee, WI
5/15/23 Texas: Rally demands justice for Aaron Martinez Kaufman, TX
5/15/23 Brooklyn commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Nakba Brooklyn, NY
5/14/23 Minnesota students, workers, and faculty rally against bloated university administration Minneapolis, MN
5/14/23 La Frontera Nos Cruzó statement on the Aaron Martinez murder Texas
5/13/23 Tampa vigil demands ‘Justice for Jonas Joseph’ Tampa, FL