Monday November 28, 2022
| Last update: Sunday at 6:47 PM


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8/05/22 Denounce Twitter censorship on Philippine revolutionary groups Philippines
5/16/22 Philippines: Duterte and Marcos are stealing the elections Phillippines
2/01/22 USW rejects Marathon’s proposal, offers 24-hour rolling extensions of current oil agreements Pittsburgh, PA
1/24/22 Workers at Kane Community Living Centers vote to join Steelworkers union Pittsburgh, PA
2/17/22 United Steelworkers on strike at Sherwin-Williams Pittsburgh, PA
7/19/22 Portuguese people gather in solidarity with Cuban Revolution Porto, Portugal
6/29/22 Canada: Sodexo workers at Mount Milligan Mine join Steelworkers union Prince George, BC
5/09/22 Rome: World Federation of Trade Unions 18th Congress underway Rome, Italy
7/06/22 Twin Cities organizers memorialize 53 migrants who died in south Texas, press Senator Smith for immigrant rights action Saint Paul, MN
5/22/22 St. Paul protest demands shut down of Line 3 Saint Paul, MN
7/29/22 St. Paul protest marks Kalamazoo oil spill, opposes Line 3 Saint Paul, MN
4/04/22 March in Saint Paul demands: “Stand up against hate! justice for our Asian siblings!” Saint Paul, MN
8/25/22 Saint Paul rallies to demand Minnesota divest from Israel Saint Paul, MN
9/18/22 Minnesota Abortion Action Coalition demands no state funding for ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ Saint Paul, MN
11/25/22 Twin Cities activists hold vigil to demand end to endless U.S. wars Saint Paul, MN
10/23/22 Southern California Teamsters in solidarity with Amazon walkout San Bernardino, CA
3/22/22 Steelworkers Local 5 votes down Chevron’s ‘last, best and final’ offer, prepares for unfair labor practice strike San Francisco, CA
10/22/22 Purchasing power of workers down San José, CA
2/09/22 San José protests against U.S. war on Russia San Jose, CA
1/23/22 More signs of economic weakness showing up San José, CA
1/09/22 Job market stumbles to end 2021 San Jose, CA
5/05/22 San Jose community marches on May Day San José, CA
8/01/22 No, the economy is not in a recession (yet) San José, CA
11/07/22 Rising unemployment, high inflation, rising interest rates and threats of austerity San José, CA
6/07/22 Renters also facing sticker shock San José, CA