Friday September 20, 2019
| Last update: Friday at 9:41 AM


Published Title Location
1/10/19 Minneapolis protest rejects Trump border wall and attacks on immigrants Minneapolis, MN
1/10/19 In defiance of imperialism, Venezuela’s Maduro begins second term Chicago, IL
1/10/19 Chicanos and Latinos in Los Angeles say, ‘No Trump wall!’ Los Angeles, CA
1/09/19 Candidates in upcoming Chicago election declare support for a Civilian Police Accountability Council Chicago, IL
1/09/19 Philippines: Denounce police surveillance against teachers and other democratic sectors Philippines
1/09/19 Frank Chapman condemns shameful and cowardly decision to revoke award to Angela Davis Chicago, IL
1/08/19 Chicano leader blasts Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant speech Los Angeles, CA
1/08/19 Lockout ends at National Grid Milford, MA
1/08/19 Minneapolis vigil demonstrates solidarity with refugee caravan Minneapolis
1/08/19 Freedom now for PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat Palestine
1/07/19 UAW files lawsuit against GM to halt use of temporary workers Washington, DC
1/06/19 Movies in 2018: Capitalist art cannibalizing itself Jacksonville, FL
1/06/19 Boyle Heights families file lawsuit against mega KIPP Charter School, urge support for UTLA teachers strike Los Angeles, CA
1/06/19 WFTU solidarity statement with all India general strike India
1/04/19 Stock hammered amidst more signs of a coming recession San José, CA
1/02/19 Young cultural workers take lead in celebrating 50 years of art and culture in the Philippine revolution Utrecht
1/02/19 Proposed Florida law would stop local governments from removing racist Confederate monuments Jacksonville, FL
1/01/19 AFGE sues over government shut down Washington D.C.