Friday August 23, 2019
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4/28/19 Trade union leader from Philippines gets warm welcome in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
5/02/19 Trade union leader from Philippines visit graves of Haymarket martyrs May 1 Chicago, IL
8/03/19 Trump escalates trade war with China San José, CA
3/12/19 Trump orders terrorist attack against Venezuela Chicago, IL
2/27/19 Trump wall protest in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
7/02/19 Tucson protest tells Trump: No raids! No deportations! No family separations! Tucson, AZ
1/10/19 Tucson protests Trumps border wall threat Tucson, AZ
1/24/19 Tucson tells Trump: Hands off Venezuela! Tucson, AZ
5/07/19 Twin Cites FRSO International Workers’ Day celebration Minneapolis, MN
8/19/19 Twin Cities activists say ‘No business as usual’ while cops continue to kill Minneapolis, MN
7/28/19 Twin Cities marches on Eagan mall demanding justice for Isak Aden Eagan, MN
2/06/19 Twin Cities protesters say “U.S. hands off Venezuela” St. Paul, MN
3/17/19 Twin Cities Remembers Cordale Handy St. Paul, MN
4/19/19 U of MN protesters outnumber attendees at Jeff Sessions talk Minneapolis, MN
8/22/19 U of MN Teamsters demand year-round work Minneapolis
6/17/19 U.S. admits large unmanned aircraft shot down over Yemen Washington, D.C.
3/13/19 U.S. anti-war delegation arrives in Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
3/16/19 U.S. Peace Council delegation to Venezuela meets with President Maduro Caracas, Venezuela
8/12/19 U.S. starts blockade of Venezuela Chicago,IL
8/13/19 U.S. stock market keeps dropping San José, CA
4/05/19 U.S.-Mexico border delegation hears from immigrant women stuck in Nogales, tours border wall and Sonoran Desert Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
1/07/19 UAW files lawsuit against GM to halt use of temporary workers Washington, DC
4/16/19 Unequal ‘justice’ in trial of killer cop in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
3/01/19 UNF SDS wins campaign demands Jacksonville, FL
6/01/19 United Steelworkers authorize strike against Alcoa Washington DC