Wednesday September 26, 2018
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8/09/18 Stand in solidarity with the NutriAsia workers New York, NY
4/26/18 NYC Parks Department tries to shut down May Day New York, NY
7/27/18 Commentary: The right-wing assault, post Janus New York, NY
3/13/18 New York Celebrates International Women’s Day New York, NY
1/21/18 New York protests one year of Trump New York, NY
1/19/18 NYC protesters rally against U.S.-led wars, imperialism New York, NY
2/02/18 New York rallies for Ahed Tamimi’s birthday New York, NY
1/06/18 New York Stands with Ahed Tamimi New York, NY
7/31/18 Brooklyn holds vigil for murdered Black women New York, NY
4/09/18 Thousands march in Crown Heights after police killing of Saheed Vassell New York, NY
5/08/18 NY organizers celebrate Marx’s 200th birthday New York, NY
4/22/18 Protesters fight back against deportation of human rights advocate New York, NY
9/17/18 BAYAN USA protests Philippine government repression New York, NY
2/06/18 New York holds emergency action for Rafael Baylosis New York, NY
6/06/18 Hundreds march against Philippine President Duterte in NYC New York, NY
4/28/18 Speaking tour addresses human rights abuses in the Philippines New York, NY
7/05/18 Capitalism’s impact on mental health New York, NY
4/15/18 New York stands with Palestine’s Great Return March New York, NY
7/26/18 People’s State of the Nation protest at NYC Philippines Consulate New York, NY
2/19/18 New York stands with Ahed Tamimi New York, NY
6/30/18 Thousands march across Brooklyn Bridge to protest U.S. immigration policy New York, NY
5/20/18 New Yorkers rally for Al Nakba Day New York, NY
1/18/18 NYC panel on political repression and the Trump administration New York, NY
4/15/18 New York Spring Action against war New York, NY
6/10/18 Nicaragua battles the U.S. intervention playbook Nicaragua