Tuesday June 6, 2023
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1/26/23 Louisianans march on the state capitol, demand repeal of anti-abortion trigger law Baton Rouge, LA
5/29/23 300 march for LGBTQ youth at Louisiana Capitol Baton Rouge, LA
3/20/23 New York celebrates International Women's Day Brooklyn, NY
5/15/23 Brooklyn commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Nakba Brooklyn, NY
4/28/23 Medieval working conditions provoke strike Buena Park, CA
1/24/23 Protest of Ohio cop hitting women in face Butler Township, OH
3/02/23 FRSO delegation arrives in Caracas Caracas, Venezuela
3/04/23 International anti-imperialist conference begins in Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
3/23/23 Fight for Venezuelan diplomat's freedom intensifies due to health concerns Caracas, Venezuela
3/16/23 Caracas struggles for food sovereignty against the U.S. blockade Caracas, Venezuela
3/02/23 FRSO delegation spends day in downtown Caracas Caracas, Venezuela
1/19/23 All eyes on Chicago in the fight for community control of the police Chicago
5/01/23 Chicago: Over 30 organizations march for unity In May Day celebration Chicago, IL
1/31/23 Chicagoans brave cold to demand #Justice4Tyre Chicago, IL
5/23/23 Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela closes 75th Nakba Commemoration Tour Chicago, IL
1/26/23 District Council candidates prepare to create turning point in the fight against police tyranny Chicago, IL
2/26/23 Bus operator fights Chicago Transit Authority transphobia Chicago, IL
3/10/23 Pro-accountability police district councilors celebrate election victories on International Women's Day Chicago, IL
3/17/23 36 newly elected Police District Councilors endorse Brandon Johnson Chicago, IL
4/12/23 Protest at the 2024 Democratic National Convention Chicago, IL
4/06/23 Brandon Johnson elected mayor of Chicago Chicago, IL
3/21/23 Chicago mayoral election: Progressive Brandon Johnson against reactionary Paul Vallas Chicago, IL
4/03/23 Commentary: Why Brandon is better for the people Chicago, IL
3/04/23 Chicago: Police District Council elections outcome a historic win in fight to stop police crimes Chicago, IL
1/29/23 Chicago: Community Commission Stops Implementation of Gang Database Chicago, IL