Saturday September 24, 2022
| Last update: Thursday at 3:08 PM


Published Title Location
9/07/22 Vigil in Los Angeles demands ‘Justice for Edgar Ortiz!’ Los Angeles, CA
9/06/22 MN Cuba car caravan demands an end to the blockade on Cuba, a stop to FBI intimidation Minneapolis, MN
9/05/22 Denver SDS marches to campus police station, demands withdrawal from Pentagon 1033 Program Denver, CO
9/05/22 Tallahassee: Community members demand answers after local police train with war criminal Tallahassee, FL
9/04/22 Red Theory: Imperialism, or monopoly capitalism United States
9/04/22 Chicago: Election season begins for Police Accountability Councils Chicago, IL
9/02/22 ECPS Coalition urges Chicagoans to run for District Council elections Chicago, IL
9/02/22 Reproductive justice activists protest outside anti-choice Milwaukee County Board Supervisor home Milwaukee, WI
8/31/22 East LA commemorates the 52nd Chicano Moratorium Los Angeles, CA
8/31/22 Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany celebrates 40th anniversary Gelsenkirchen, Germany
8/30/22 University of Minnesota Teamsters picket, march against poverty wages Minneapolis, MN
8/30/22 MN launches Abortion Action Coalition, demands end to state funding for ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ Minneapolis, MN
8/29/22 New Orleans protest demands hurricane relief for all immigrants, defends DACA New Orleans, LA
8/29/22 Immigrant rights protest makes noise in support of DACA outside Minnesota Twins game Minneapolis, MN
8/29/22 San José reacts to Supreme Court threat to overturn DACA San Jose, CA
8/28/22 Red Theory: Capitalist accumulation and overproduction United States
8/28/22 Columbus teachers strike Columbus, OH
8/27/22 One-year anniversary car caravan for Earl Lawhorn held in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
8/27/22 Philippines: Free Adora Faye de Vera, poet, patriot and warrior for women’s liberation Philippines
8/25/22 Saint Paul rallies to demand Minnesota divest from Israel Saint Paul, MN
8/25/22 TCAC condemns Tallahassee Police Department training with war criminal Eddie Gallagher Tallahassee, FL
8/23/22 Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Day 22 for striking Ingredion workers Cedar Rapids, IA
8/22/22 Reproductive Justice Action - Milwaukee holds picket outside county supervisor’s home Milwaukee, WI
8/21/22 Homegrown delivery workers take one-day strike action against invasive surveillance cameras Seattle, WA
8/21/22 Red Theory: Surplus value, the secret of capitalist exploitation United States