Thursday April 24, 2014
| Last update: Tuesday at 11:22 PM


Published Title Location
4/03/14 U of M SDS plans protest against war criminal Condoleezza Rice Minneapolis, MN
4/02/14 UPS starts firing drivers, outrage spreads New York, NY
3/31/14 Reid ‘confident’ of Senate vote on Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) this week Washington, D.C.
3/31/14 Review of the movie 'Cesar Chavez' Los Angeles, CA
3/30/14 Minneapolis forum on Ukraine crisis and U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN
3/30/14 Land Day: PFLP calls for national struggle to defend and liberate the entire land of Palestine Palestine
3/27/14 LA students paint mural commemorating 1968 high school walkouts Los Angeles, CA
3/27/14 Senate clears way to vote on restoring Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington, D.C.
3/27/14 Campus workers in Chicago will take strike vote Chicago, IL
3/27/14 Crimea reunion with Russia sets back U.S., EU and NATO drive in Ukraine Ukraine
3/27/14 Hundreds of immigrants rally at Capitol demanding right to a drivers license Saint Paul, MN
3/27/14 Welfare Rights Committee sit-in at MN governor’s office demands money for low income families Saint Paul, MN
3/24/14 Twin Cites Anti-War Committee exposes U.S. war on Colombia Minneapolis, MN
3/23/14 Filipino Communists condemn arrest of leaders carrying out disaster relief Philippines
3/23/14 Tucson protests Sen. McCain’s support for fascists in Ukraine, right-wing in Venezuela Tucson, AZ
3/23/14 Protest at Chicago Ukrainian Consulate slams fascists Chicago, IL
3/22/14 Florida SDS rallies at Florida state capitol for tuition equity Tallahassee, FL
3/21/14 Palestinian Authority told to end repression against Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Palestine
3/20/14 Israeli war planes, artillery attack Syria Syria
3/20/14 Government austerity in the U.S.: Good for profits, bad for workers and oppressed United States
3/20/14 Gainesville International Women's Day panel: Solidarity, Palestine and Rasmea Odeh Gainesville, FL
3/19/14 Minnesota students confront President Kaler to demand real diversity Minneapolis, MN
3/19/14 Boehner trashes Senate measure to restore Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington, D.C.
3/19/14 Immokalee workers demand higher wages from Publix Lakeland, FL
3/18/14 Immigrant struggle for drivers licenses heats up in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN