Monday October 14, 2019
| Last update: Friday at 9:15 AM


Published Title Location
9/21/19 Aurora ICE Warden Johnny Choate confronted at his home Aurora, CO
9/20/19 Racine, WI: Demanding justice for Ty’rese West Racine, WI
9/20/19 Workers want Chicago cops out of schools, parks Chicago, IL
9/17/19 Minnesota: Protesters demand Gov. Walz to divest from Elbit now St. Paul, MN
9/17/19 Yemeni forces strike Saudi Arabia; U.S. blames Iran Milwaukee, WI
9/16/19 Venezuela: Elements of opposition reach deal with Maduro government Chicago, IL
9/15/19 Chicago elected officials to join human rights delegation to Philippines Consulate Chicago, IL
9/14/19 USF students demand no immigration authorities on campus Tampa, FL
9/13/19 Clerical workers confront U of MN President Gabel, Board of Regents Minneapolis, MN
9/12/19 On the Manila arrest order against Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chair Emeritus of the ILPS Philippines
9/11/19 Chrystul Kizer bail reduction and justice denied Kenosha, WI
9/10/19 Kenosha SDS wins demand for gender neutral bathrooms on campus Kenosha, WI
9/10/19 Hezbollah shoots down Israeli drone Washington DC
9/09/19 I-494 shut down to protest police killing of Brian J. Quinones Richfield, MN
9/09/19 Georgia Kumho Tire workers opt for union Macon, GA
9/07/19 Texas protest says “No kids in cages” Arlington, TX
9/06/19 Revelations in Isak Aden murder case show police wrongdoing, family calls for independent prosecutor Minneapolis, MN
9/05/19 Venezuela: FRSO speaks at mass march against Trump’s blockade Caracas, Venezuela
9/04/19 Civil rights conference featuring renowned activist Angela Davis to gather in Chicago this November Chicago, IL
9/03/19 Boyle Heights commemorates the 49th anniversary of Chicano Moratorium Boyle Heights
9/02/19 The very first Labor Day parade: "Let Labor Unite" United States
9/02/19 Protesters demand MN divest from Elbit St. Paul, MN
9/01/19 FRSO delegation attends President Maduro’s speech to international trade unionists Caracas, Venezuela
8/31/19 Chicago students say, ‘CIA off campus!’ Chicago, IL
8/30/19 FARC-EP calls for renewed armed struggle Washington DC