Thursday June 21, 2018
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5/05/18 Karl Marx: Still right after 200 years United States
1/01/18 Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks on national defense, socialist construction, in new year United States
2/28/18 LA parents, students, teachers hold spirited protest against KIPP charter school Los Angeles, CA
1/14/18 LA Salvadorians, supporters demand Temporary Protective Status and residency Los Angeles, CA
4/04/18 Labor, civil rights supporters march in Memphis on anniversary of MLK assassination Memphis, TN
5/21/18 Large Chicago protest condemns Israeli massacres Chicago, IL
1/27/18 Larry Nassar: U.S-made monster Los Angeles, CA
4/04/18 Looking back in history: Mao Zedong on the assassination of Martin Luther King United States
2/28/18 Los Angeles labor rallies against Janus Los Angeles, CA
1/12/18 Major year of struggle for Milwaukee’s Young People's Resistance Committee Milwaukee, WI
2/05/18 March on Super Bowl challenges police brutality and racism Minneapolis, MN
5/03/18 Marx at 200: A renewed interest in the critique of capitalism United States
4/27/18 Mass march for immigrant and workers’ rights planned for Minneapolis on May 1 Minneapolis, MN
4/28/18 May Day 2018: Fight the billionaires and their bigot politicians United States
5/02/18 May Day immigrant march in west Michigan Grand Rapids, MI
5/04/18 May Day in Denver Denver, CO
5/02/18 May Day march in San Jose San Jose, CA
5/02/18 May Day march in San Jose San Jose, CA
2/02/18 Members of the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers take strike vote St. Paul, MN
2/26/18 Miami rallies for workers’ rights Miami, FL
3/05/18 Militant teachers and education sector unions from around the world strategize in México City Mexico City, Mexico
3/20/18 Milwaukee celebrates International Women's Day Milwaukee WI
4/16/18 Milwaukee community rallies against U.S. attack on Syria Milwaukee, WI
4/14/18 Milwaukee teachers intensify struggle over budget cuts Milwaukee WI
3/07/18 Milwaukee's immigrant community demands DACA legislation relief Milwaukee, WI