Friday December 2, 2022
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6/27/22 Dallas marches for abortion rights Dallas, TX
4/25/22 Dallas rallies against Israel's assault on Al-Aqsa Mosque and bombing of Gaza Dallas, TX
3/08/22 Dallas rallies against war with Russia Dallas, Texas
1/18/22 Dallas rally demands justice for murdered Kerala student leader Dheeraj Rajendran Dallas, TX
2/09/22 Dallas rally protests US, NATO aggression against Russia Dallas, TX
11/13/22 Dallas stands with DACA Dallas, TX
8/16/22 Dallas vigil for martyred Palestinians Dallas, TX
5/12/22 Dallas, TX: Filipinos protest fraud-ridden election wins of Marcos, Duterte Dallas, TX
1/14/22 Day 1 of Colorado King Soopers strike: Interview with a striker Denver, CO
3/10/22 Day two of Minneapolis teachers strike St. Paul, MN
8/05/22 Denounce Twitter censorship on Philippine revolutionary groups Philippines
11/19/22 Denver city council passes bloated police budget, people stand up in opposition Denver, CO
10/26/22 Denver City Council pushes bloated police budget, people speak out Denver, CO
9/19/22 Denver protest demands: ‘Indict mass shooters in uniform’ Denver, CO
10/29/22 Denver SDS demands demilitarization of campus police Denver, CO
5/08/22 Denver SDS fights for Roe, marches to senator’s office Denver, CO
2/17/22 Denver SDS kicks off campaign to demilitarize campus police Denver
2/17/22 Denver SDS kicks off campaign to demilitarize campus police Denver
9/05/22 Denver SDS marches to campus police station, demands withdrawal from Pentagon 1033 Program Denver, CO
7/10/22 Denver SDS, FRSO demand access to abortion for all at senator’s office Denver, CO
11/15/22 Denver students bring the fight for demilitarization to campus CEO Denver, CO
5/23/22 Denver: Interview with wrongfully fired Chicano high school teacher Tim Hernández Denver, CO
7/07/22 Detroit group joins the Freedom Road Socialist Organization Detroit, MI
11/14/22 District Council candidate: ‘Chicago police made me fear for my son’s life’ Chicago, IL
1/25/22 DPKK will not give up right to self defense Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)