Monday September 26, 2022
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7/28/22 Radioactive waste at Florida State University may be killing us Tallahassee, Florida
7/19/22 Rally and march calls for Milwaukee to become an abortion sanctuary Milwaukee, WI
1/25/22 Rally for Palestine in downtown Dallas Civic Garden Park
2/02/22 Read Mao’s article on battle of Stalingrad Minneapolis
7/24/22 Red Theory: Against Sakai on settler colonialism and the national question in the U.S. United States
8/28/22 Red Theory: Capitalist accumulation and overproduction United States
8/14/22 Red Theory: Constant and variable capital United States
4/10/22 Red theory: Contradiction, the kernel of dialectics United States
4/03/22 Red theory: Dialectics or metaphysics, two methods of analysis United States
9/04/22 Red Theory: Imperialism, or monopoly capitalism United States
7/03/22 Red Theory: Marxism against postmodernism United States
6/27/22 Red Theory: Marxism against pragmatism United States
8/07/22 Red Theory: Marxism and the Law of Value United States
4/17/22 Red Theory: On identity and antagonism in contradiction Minneapolis
5/01/22 Red Theory: On the negation of the negation United States
8/21/22 Red Theory: Surplus value, the secret of capitalist exploitation United States
6/19/22 Red Theory: The contradiction between base and superstructure United States
6/05/22 Red Theory: The contradiction between mental and manual labor United States
6/12/22 Red Theory: The contradiction between town and country United States
7/17/22 Red Theory: The historic emergence of capitalism United States
4/24/22 Red theory: The leap from quantity to quality United States
9/11/22 Red Theory: The National Question in the era of imperialism United States
9/25/22 Red Theory: The party of a new type United States
5/31/22 Red Theory: The relations of production United States
7/10/22 Red Theory: The revolutionary significance of Marx’s critique of capitalism United States