Saturday February 13, 2016
| Last update: Saturday at 5:50 PM


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1/23/16 Rasmea Defense Committee announces social media campaign United States
2/07/16 Imperialism and the Saudi-led assault on Yemen United States
1/01/16 Iran vows response to U.S. sanctions United States
2/12/16 Valentine’s call-in day to President Obama United States
1/27/16 If We Want to Save the Earth—An Internationalist Declaration United States
1/14/16 Tampa rallies for Muslims and refugees, demands end to U.S. wars Tampa, FL
1/28/16 FBI attempts to question Tampa activist Tampa, Fl
2/13/16 South Florida students rally to #DumpTrump Tampa, Fl
1/20/16 Victory in struggle to divest from Israel, South Florida students pass resolution Tampa, FL
1/14/16 Florida State students demand justice for Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland Tallahassee, FL
2/13/16 Florida State students hold ‘Dump Trump’ piñata bash Tallahassee, FL
2/04/16 Florida State students speak out against Florida/Israeli anti-BDS bill Tallahassee, FL
2/08/16 Russia, Syria and the camp of resistance in the Middle East Syria
2/13/16 Protesters outside Democratic Party gala demand end to deportations and Wall Street’s wars St. Paul, MN
1/12/16 Minnesota welfare rights activists protest at Governor’s Mansion St. Paul, MN
1/10/16 Family demands “Justice for Phil Quinn”, killed by St. Paul police St. Paul, MN
1/02/16 Middle income is not ‘middle class’ San Jose, CA
1/23/16 Utah SDS crashes regents lunch demanding tuition freeze Salt Lake City, UT
1/07/16 Welfare Rights Committee plans occupation at MN Governor’s mansion Saint Paul, MN
1/18/16 Richmond student rally demands free education on MLK Day Richmond, VA
1/16/16 PFLP: Zionist murders of Palestinian youth will only inspire greater resistance Palestine
1/04/16 WFTU: More than 100 people dead in another employers’ crime in Nigeria Nigeria
1/29/16 BAYAN-USA presses FBI to reveal its role in last year’s massacre of Filipinos Minneapolis, MN
1/27/16 Minneapolis march demands justice for 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa, México Minneapolis, MN
2/09/16 Freedom Road Socialist Organization calls for International Women’s Day events Minneapolis, MN