Tuesday March 26, 2019
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1/28/19 2-year-old expelled by mall, community demands disability rights Wyoming, MI
1/07/19 UAW files lawsuit against GM to halt use of temporary workers Washington, DC
1/19/19 Thousands join Women’s March in DC, ignore right-wing rants Washington, D.C.
2/16/19 Response underway to Trump’s National Emergency to fund wall Washington, D.C.
1/01/19 AFGE sues over government shut down Washington D.C.
3/05/19 On the 88th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) Venezuela
3/22/19 Venezuela builds health sovereignty, in defiance of the U.S. government Venezuela
2/09/19 WFTU condemns intervention against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Venezuela
1/22/19 Nicolás Maduro on the "Socialist Dystopia” Venezuela
1/02/19 Young cultural workers take lead in celebrating 50 years of art and culture in the Philippine revolution Utrecht
1/24/19 ILPS supports Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro against usurper backed by U.S. and ultra-reactionaries United States
1/18/19 We have had enough of Trump and the war on women United States
1/29/19 SDS says “Hands Off Venezuela!” United States
3/08/19 International Women’s Day 2019: We have had enough of Trump and the war on women United States
1/15/19 100th anniversary of the murder of Rosa Luxemburg United States
3/05/19 WFTU Declaration on the International Working Women’s Day 8 March 2019 United States
2/14/19 No Trump Wall! No State of Emergency! United States
3/16/19 Condemn the attack by German authorities on Rasmea Odeh United States
3/25/19 The Golan Heights is Arab Syrian land United States
3/12/19 Joint Statement: We denounce the imperialist intervention in Venezuela. Solidarity with the Venezuelan People! United States
1/12/19 FRSO congratulates Nicolás Maduro on his second term United States
1/24/19 FRSO Condemns U.S. Intervention in Venezuela United States
2/24/19 Hands off Venezuela rally in Tucson Tuscon, AZ
1/24/19 Tucson tells Trump: Hands off Venezuela! Tucson, AZ
1/10/19 Tucson protests Trumps border wall threat Tucson, AZ