Tuesday May 22, 2018
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4/15/18 Utah protesters demand justice for Elijah Smith, a Teamster killed fleeing in fear from police West Valley City, UT
4/10/18 Utah police kill 20-year-old Teamster who was fleeing for his life. Protest planned West Valley City, UT
4/26/18 Protesters demand firing, charges and jail for cop who murdered 20-year-old Utah Teamster West Valley City, UT
5/04/18 Utah protesters take over police station lobby to fight for Teamster murdered by cops West Valley City, UT
5/04/18 Thousands mobilize to strike down racist and anti-immigrant bill in Wisconsin Waukesha, WI
1/03/18 Socialist Cuba hits record lows in infant mortality rate Washington D.C.
2/21/18 Venezuelan workers stand with Maduro against imperialism Venezuela
2/28/18 President Maduro and Venezuelan communists arrive at historic agreement Venezuela
2/09/18 Opposition abandons negotiations in Venezuela Venezuela
5/06/18 Venezuela: How communists view elections Venezuela
1/15/18 150 years since the murder of Ezequiel Zamora, the struggle for land continues in Venezuela Venezuela
5/11/18 #Nakba70: A call to action USA
3/06/18 International Women’s Day: We Fight Back US
3/06/18 WFTU Statement on the International Women´s day, March 8, 2018 US
1/06/18 Jacobin dead-wrong on Zimbabwe & international solidarity United States
1/01/18 Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks on national defense, socialist construction, in new year United States
5/03/18 Marx at 200: A renewed interest in the critique of capitalism United States
4/07/18 Stock market falls again as Trump escalates trade battle with China United States
4/13/18 Would slashing the trade deficit with China create jobs in the U.S.? United States
4/30/18 Freedom for Jesus Santrich! United States
5/05/18 Karl Marx: Still right after 200 years United States
3/02/18 Stock market resumes fall amid growing worries about economy United States
1/02/18 FRSO greets Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on 50th anniversary United States
5/19/18 The Legalization for All Network (L4A) slams Trump’s “animal” racism United States
3/12/18 Is Trump starting a trade war with his tariffs? United States