Saturday December 15, 2018
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3/19/18 Interview with Alderman Carlos Ramirez Rosa and community leader Frank Chapman Chicago, IL
10/28/18 Hoffa’s concessions not welcome as negotiations between UPS and Teamsters 705 continue Chicago, IL
12/04/18 First-ever charter school strike hits Chicago Chicago, IL
1/21/18 Palestinians demand ‘Free Ahed Tamimi’ at Chicago Women’s March Chicago, IL
11/14/18 Interview with former Black Panther Thomas “Blood” McCreary and Frank Chapman Chicago, IL
6/12/18 Angela Davis to rally with freed prisoners Chicago, IL
9/12/18 Day 6 of growing Chicago hotel strike Chicago, IL
5/02/18 International Workers Day marked in Chicago Chicago, IL
2/26/18 Chicago march for worker’s rights Chicago, IL
5/08/18 China’s leader Xi Jinping speaks at Beijing gathering to mark 200-year anniversary of Marx’s birth China
5/25/18 MN protests U.S. support for Israeli massacres Columbia Heights, MN
10/30/18 Dallas rallies against Trump's attempt to erase transgender people Dallas
4/15/18 Dallas rallies against U.S. attack on Syria Dallas, TX
7/02/18 Thousands take to streets of Dallas to protest abuse of immigrants Dallas, TX
8/29/18 Texas police officer convicted in murder of Black teen Dallas, TX
5/02/18 Dallas celebrates May Day Dallas, TX
5/15/18 Dallas Palestine Coalition marks the anniversary of the Nakba Dallas, TX
8/12/18 North Texas Action Committee marches for Jordan Edwards Dallas, TX
8/01/18 Former policeman's motion to change venue in child killing case denied Dallas, TX
1/22/18 Thousands turn out for Dallas Women's March Dallas, TX
7/02/18 Thousands gather in Denver to demand an end to family separation Denver, CO
5/04/18 May Day in Denver Denver, CO
4/24/18 Denver Peace Council says “Science, not war and violence!” Denver, CO
10/06/18 Denver students stand with sexual assault survivors Denver, CO
1/24/18 Denver Women’s March Denver, CO