Wednesday October 1, 2014
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8/15/14 Protestors continue in Ferguson, police accused of slandering Michael Brown Ferguson, MO
8/12/14 Fight to stop police terror - justice for Michael Brown! Ferguson, MO
7/20/14 Hundreds gather to support Palestine in South Florida Fort Lauderdale, FL
9/29/14 South Florida rally demands: Drop the charges against Rasmea Odeh! Fort Lauderdale, FL
8/05/14 Over 250 in South Florida protest Israeli terror, remember the dead Fort Lauderdale, FL
7/28/14 Milwaukee vigil for Gaza confronts ‘Israel Solidarity Gathering’ Fox Point, WI
7/08/14 South Florida Protests Israeli violence and occupation of Palestine Ft. Lauderdale
7/08/14 Florida students demand end to Israeli terror attacks Gainesville, Fl
9/28/14 University of Florida students collect anti-rape pledge Gainesville, FL
1/26/14 SDS launches national push for tuition equity Gainesville, FL
7/20/14 Students for a Democratic Society hold Florida Day School Gainesville, FL
9/10/14 Gainesville students hold People's Eulogy for victims of U.S. police and Israeli terror Gainesville, FL
4/22/14 Florida students rally to demand Tuition Equity Gainesville, FL
3/20/14 Gainesville International Women's Day panel: Solidarity, Palestine and Rasmea Odeh Gainesville, FL
9/21/14 Students for Justice in Palestine confront Michael Oren Gainesville, FL
7/17/14 University of Florida students march for Palestine, denounce US support for Israel Gainesville, FL
5/04/14 Gainesville celebrates May Day Gainesville, FL
8/18/14 PFLP to help rebuild Gaza Gaza, Palestine
9/24/14 Victory for Khalida Jarrar as expulsion order defeated Gaza, Palestine
8/03/14 PFLP: We will not raise the white flag in the face of massacres Gaza, Palestine
8/14/14 PFLP: “We are all resistance” campaign organizes youth activities in Maghazi camp Gaza, Palestine
8/27/14 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issues statement on ceasefire Gaza, Palestine
7/21/14 Palestine resistance announces capture of Israeli soldier Gaza, Palestine
8/03/14 PFLP: We will not raise the white flag in the face of massacres Gaza, Palestine
9/03/14 PFLP mass march and military rally in Gaza upholds resistance Gaza, Palestine