Sunday May 28, 2017
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5/12/17 Free all victims of Chicago police torture Chicago, IL
4/18/17 Lessons from the victory in the cases of Robert Almodovar and William Negron Chicago, IL
1/22/17 5000 protest Trump inauguration in Chicago Chicago, IL
1/24/17 ATU Locals 241, 308 vs. Chicago Transit Authority Chicago, IL
2/11/17 Protests lead to legal setback for Trump’s Muslim ban Chicago, IL
1/23/17 North Texas Resistance leads Inauguration Day anti-Trump protest Dallas, TX
1/23/17 North Texas Resistance leads Inauguration Day anti-Trump protest Dallas, TX
1/18/17 Students shut down Milo Yiannopoulos at University of California-Davis Davis, CA
4/26/17 Supporters of Rasmea Odeh in Detroit for plea agreement hearing Detroit, MI
3/17/17 Important motion to suppress filed by Rasmea Odeh defense Detroit, MI
1/31/17 Rasmea Odeh defense team files motion to dismiss indictment Detroit, MI
4/24/17 All out for Rasmea’s April 25 plea hearing in Detroit Detroit, MI
4/09/17 South Florida activists protest U.S attack on Syria Fort Lauderdale, FL
4/26/17 May Day action in Fort Lauderdale to demand immigrant and worker rights Fort Lauderdale, FL
1/12/17 Kentucky Teamsters slam new ‘Right to Work’ legislation Frankfort, KY
1/29/17 West Michigan protests Trump's Muslim ban at Ford Airport Grand Rapids, MI
5/18/17 Huge general strike rocks Greece Greece
5/17/17 General strike in Greece May 17 Greece
3/28/17 SDS and SJP host discussion on the ‘Black Radical Tradition and Palestine’ Houston, Texas
4/05/17 Protest at city hall against police brutality turns chaotic after city council ignores grieving family Houston, TX
1/12/17 Activists in Houston prepare protests on Trump's Inauguration Day Houston, TX
5/22/17 Houston activists protest new anti-immigrant law SB4 Houston, TX
1/30/17 Over 1000 protest at Houston Airport against Trump's Muslim ban Houston, TX
1/22/17 Houston SDS holds student walkout to protest Trump Houston, TX
1/23/17 Houston protesters brave storm, torrential rain to march on Trump's inauguration day Houston, TX