Tuesday November 25, 2014
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11/24/14 Milwaukee vigil for Michael Brown Milwaukee, WI
11/24/14 Chicago stands against Mike Brown verdict Chicago, IL
11/24/14 Tallahassee protests killer cops Tallahassee, FL
11/24/14 Ferguson grand jury clears killer cop - Demand justice for Michael Brown! United States
11/24/14 Change is welcome, keep fighting for the others! United States
11/24/14 Successful regional strike in Belgium Antwerp, Belgium
11/24/14 PFLP says Israeli home demolitions will be met with larger confrontations Palestine
11/23/14 Minnesotans march in solidarity with Ayotzinapa students Minneapolis, MN
11/22/14 National Lawyers Guild files brief supporting request Rasmea Odeh be freed pending sentencing Detroit, MI
11/21/14 Salt Lake City families and activists launch Utah Against Police Brutality Salt Lake City, UT
11/20/14 University of Florida SDS holds demilitarize the police rally Gainesville, FL
11/20/14 NYC protest demands freedom for Rasmea Odeh New York, NY
11/19/14 Tucson protest demands “Free Rasmea now!” Tucson, AZ
11/19/14 A tribute to Leslie Feinberg: Hero of a generation United States
11/19/14 Justice for the Ayotzinapa Teacher College students! Mexico
11/18/14 Defense files motion to release political prisoner Rasmea Odeh from jail Detroit, MI
11/18/14 Occupation is responsible for escalation in Jerusalem Palestine
11/18/14 Al-Awda holds successful International Convention in Florida Fort Lauderdale, FL
11/18/14 Salt Lake protest: 'Rasmea is standing strong!' Salt Lake City, UT
11/18/14 Rasmea Defense Committee demands #FreeRasmeaNow United States
11/18/14 Students Say "Shut Down the SOA!" Columbus, GA
11/18/14 MO Governor Nixon declares state of emergency, troops heading to Ferguson Saint Louis, MO
11/17/14 Florida students hold People’s Eulogy for disappeared Mexican students Gainesville, FL
11/17/14 Milwaukee rallies against verdict in Rasmea Odeh case Milwaukee, WI
11/17/14 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine urges escalation of uprising Palestine