Monday November 28, 2022
| Last update: Sunday at 6:47 PM


Published Title Location
7/29/22 St. Paul protest marks Kalamazoo oil spill, opposes Line 3 Saint Paul, MN
7/29/22 Machinists in Missouri and Illinois set to strike August 1 St. Louis, MO
7/28/22 Radioactive waste at Florida State University may be killing us Tallahassee, Florida
7/27/22 Take action to free Colombian revolutionary, political prisoner, Simón Trinidad United States
7/26/22 FSU students fight for farmworker rights Tallahassee, FL
7/25/22 Resolution in Support of the Palestinian Struggle for Self-Determination, Liberation, and Return United States
7/25/22 NYC protest blasts Philippines President Marcos New York, NY
7/24/22 Red Theory: Against Sakai on settler colonialism and the national question in the U.S. United States
7/24/22 Tampa turns out to show right-wing student group Turning Point USA they aren’t welcome Tampa, FL
7/24/22 Statement on New Orleans mayor’s response to abortion rights movement New Orleans, LA
7/23/22 Planned Parenthood workers in 5 states unionize Minneapolis, MN
7/23/22 FRSO condemns State Department designation of Communist Party of the Philippines as ‘terrorist’ United States
7/22/22 Minneapolis immigrant rights activists launch ‘Immigrant Power Now!’ platform Minneapolis, MN
7/21/22 Number of people collecting unemployment benefits jumps by 51,000 San Jose, CA
7/21/22 New Yorkers join the protests against Luma Energy New York, NY
7/21/22 Philippines: U.S. puts revolutionaries on list of “foreign terrorist organizations” Philippines
7/21/22 Workers at St. Francis Hospital in Milwaukee march on the boss, demand payment of overdue raises Milwaukee, WI
7/21/22 Chicago: ECPS Coalition demands immediate appointment of Commission for Public Safety Chicago, IL
7/20/22 Thousands celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution Managua, Nicaragua
7/19/22 Portuguese people gather in solidarity with Cuban Revolution Porto, Portugal
7/19/22 Rally and march calls for Milwaukee to become an abortion sanctuary Milwaukee, WI
7/18/22 A Marxist view of the Asian American National Questions San José, CA
7/17/22 Collective statement: Biden in occupied Palestine and the ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ United States
7/17/22 Red Theory: The historic emergence of capitalism United States
7/15/22 FSU Students for a Democratic Society condemns Patriot Front organizing in South Florida Florida