Saturday September 19, 2020
| Last update: Friday at 8:13 PM


Published Title Location
6/30/20 Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump and his accomplices United States
6/30/20 Jacksonville makes demands to “Free them all, people’s budget now” Jacksonville, FL
6/30/20 Palestinians will resist annexation and occupation and fight for national liberation Chicago, IL
6/29/20 Coalition to March on the DNC endorses anti-Trump protest at RNC Milwaukee, WI
6/29/20 NYC Queer Liberation March honors Black lives New York, NY
6/29/20 Philippines: 7 anti-mining leaders arrested Philippines
6/28/20 Coloradans demand justice for Elijah McClain Aurora, CA
6/27/20 Minneapolis: ‘Renaming police department, giving it a new mission statement is not what we need’ Minneapolis, MN
6/26/20 Economic crisis deepens as pandemic surges San Jose, CA
6/26/20 Call to March on the RNC: We Can’t Breathe! Jacksonville, FL
6/26/20 Protest demanding end to police crimes meets Trump visit in Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI
6/26/20 LA City Attorney Cory Brente defends killer cops Los Angeles, CA
6/26/20 Statues of slaveholders and reactionaries are coming down, while a statue of Lenin goes up Germany
6/25/20 United Electrical Workers: “All Workers Must Stand Against Police Violence” United States
6/24/20 Tucson police kill Chicano in custody; 3 officers resign amid investigation Tucson, AZ
6/24/20 The people will not be ignored, the time is now for CPAC! Chicago, IL
6/24/20 Cowardly Tampa police chief runs, hides, from community discussion on police Tampa, FL
6/23/20 Coalition to March on the DNC plans Trump protest in Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI
6/22/20 Opponents of police crimes say no to the Minneapolis Foundation Minneapolis, MN
6/22/20 Philippines: Government forces go on killing spree, 4 peasants murdered in Samar, Iloilo Philippines
6/22/20 Tampa Bay community honors life of murdered Tallahassee activist Oluwatoyin Salau Tampa, FL
6/22/20 Michigan stagehands to rally June 24 for unemployment extension Grand Rapids, MI
6/22/20 Milwaukee celebrates Juneteenth amid historic upsurge of the Black liberation movement Milwaukee, WI
6/22/20 DACA stays, fight for legalization for all! Los Angeles, CA
6/21/20 Rally in Arlington, TX demands justice Arlington, TX