Friday July 10, 2020
| Last update: Thursday at 4:04 PM


Published Title Location
5/12/20 National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression opposes repression of unions in Philippines Chicago, IL
5/12/20 Court hears appeal of dismissed lawsuit by family of man killed by Salt Lake police Salt Lake City, UT
5/12/20 Jacksonville demands justice for Ahmaud Arbery, justice for all victims of racist terror Jacksonville, FL
5/12/20 Leaders from sanctioned countries condemn U.S. sanctions amid COVID-19 pandemic Minneapolis, MN
5/11/20 Minnesota: Life of Jaffort Smith honored, demand justice for man murdered by St. Paul police St. Paul, MN
5/11/20 Tampa Bay SDS demands justice for Ahmaud Arbery Tampa, FL
5/11/20 They steal pain just to make more - the monstrous among us Appleton, WI
5/11/20 Philippines: 5 peasants killed by police and military in Sorsogon Massacre Philippines
5/11/20 Wisconsin: COVID – 19 outbreaks at Brown County meat packing plants show hypocrisy of “essential worker” designation Green Bay, WI
5/10/20 Demands placed on Mayor Lightfoot to address impact of pandemic, economic crisis on Chicago students Chicago, IL
5/09/20 FRSO demands justice for Ahmaud Arbery United States
5/09/20 Unemployment highest since the Great Depression San Jose, CA
5/09/20 Minnesota: Advance a People’s Agenda! Minneapolis, MN
5/09/20 On the passing of Michael Lucas, immigrant organizer and friend of Soviet people United States
5/09/20 Transgender solidarity from Louisiana to Uganda New Orleans, LA
5/09/20 National Alliance Statement on the Lynching of Ahmaud Arbery Chicago, IL
5/08/20 500-car caravan demands right to recovery Chicago, IL
5/08/20 How the USSR made the World War II victory over German fascism a reality United States
5/08/20 Stop the repression against trade unionists in the Philippines Philippines
5/07/20 Minnesota: Anti-war movement urges Rep. Omar to unsign AIPAC’s Iran sanctions letter Minneapolis, MN
5/07/20 LAPD cop caught on video brutalizing Chicano Los Angeles, CA
5/07/20 Madison May Day caravan supports community safety and workers’ rights Madison, WI
5/06/20 U.S. mercenaries captured in Venezuela Chicago, IL
5/06/20 UPS Q1 profits near $1 billion, hazard pay needed Lansing, MI
5/06/20 Jamar Clark Bornday: Car caravan celebration Minneapolis, MN