Tuesday March 28, 2023
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Published Title Location
1/23/23 Tampa activists march for Roe’s 50th anniversary Tampa, FL
1/23/23 Solidarity with the 19 January general strike of the workers in France, for the defense of their retirement! France
1/22/23 Minnesota immigrant communities mobilize as ‘Drivers License for All’ bill advances Minneapolis, MN
1/22/23 Atlanta demonstrates to honor Manny Paez, demand Cop City be stopped Atlanta, GA
1/22/23 Against Trotskyism: What is Trotskyism? United States
1/22/23 Depraved cis/straight literature rampant in Louisiana libraries New Orleans, LA
1/22/23 Hundreds take to the streets in Detroit for 20th annual MLK day rally and march Detroit, Michigan
1/22/23 Tampa protesters condemn Mayor Castor’s veto of democracy Tampa, FL
1/22/23 Palestine solidarity week of action across SE Michigan Dearborn, MI
1/20/23 Tallahassee mourns the loss of Manny Paez, killed by Georgia state troopers Tallahassee, FL
1/20/23 Reproductive Justice Action - Milwaukee demands DA sign pledge to not prosecute abortion cases Milwaukee, WI
1/20/23 Family of Marcus Golden, killed by St Paul police, wins $1.3M settlement St. Paul, MN
1/19/23 All eyes on Chicago in the fight for community control of the police Chicago
1/19/23 Killer cop found guilty of negligence: Justice for Cesar Rodriguez Los Angeles, CA
1/18/23 Philippines: Return Baby Marx to his family! Philippines
1/18/23 Book ban battle turns up stalemate in Rapides, Louisiana Alexandria, LA
1/18/23 Fire and jail rapist NOPD officer Gerry Paul! New Orleans, LA
1/18/23 Faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago on strike Chicago, IL
1/18/23 UPS Teamsters demand MLK Day as a paid holiday Los Angeles, CA
1/17/23 Remembering the legacy of Polly Mann, founder of WAMM Minneapolis, MN
1/17/23 Tampa: Community speaks out against racist cop survey Tampa, FL
1/16/23 In-depth look at the Virginia transit worker strike Alexandria, VA
1/15/23 New Yorkers say no to NATO New York, NY
1/15/23 Los Angeles: Fireproof Chicano pride Los Angeles, CA
1/14/23 NYC remembers Dr. King’s Legacy New York, NY