Tuesday December 7, 2021
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Published Title Location
8/17/21 The U.S. and Afghanistan: Exit the paper tiger United States
8/17/21 Milwaukee police kill another person, their 2nd this summer Milwaukee, WI
8/17/21 Amazon-banned U.S. book “Capitalism on a Ventilator” to be published in China New York, NY
8/17/21 East LA: The family of Anthony Vargas holds teach-in for his 3-year angelversary East Los Angeles, CA
8/17/21 East LA: The family of Anthony Vargas holds teach-in for his 3-year angelversary East Los Angeles, CA
8/16/21 Venezuela: Revolutionary Venezuelan women collectives at forefront Paez, Venezuela
8/16/21 50 years after end of dollar’s link to gold: U.S. faces new crisis San Jose, CA
8/15/21 Venezuela: Huge election turnout for Maduro’s PSUV Acarigua, Portuguesa state, Venezuela
8/13/21 Venezuela: Laws aimed at gender violence have major impact Caracas, Venezuela
8/12/21 Green Bay, WI rallies to stop Lines 3 and 5 Green Bay, WI
8/11/21 Families denounce LA Sheriff Villanueva, call for August 29 protest Los Angeles, CA
8/09/21 Venezuelan programs stop the Delta variant Caracas, Venezuela
8/08/21 Minnesotans keep the pressure on Klobuchar to end US aid to apartheid Israel Minneapolis, MN
8/08/21 Water is life: Minneapolis stands against Line 3 Minneapolis, MN
8/08/21 Venezuela: Workers take over a Kellogg factory, now known as ‘Socialist Kellogg’ Maracay City, Venezuela
8/05/21 4 months into strike, coal miners at Warrior Met mine hold large solidarity rally Brookwood, AL
8/03/21 Venezuela: Government leads fight against pandemic, cancels rent Caracas, Venezuela
8/03/21 U.S. faces defeat in Afghanistan United States
8/02/21 Millions face homelessness as eviction ban expires United States
8/01/21 California protest slams end to federal unemployment benefits San José, CA
8/01/21 Oshkosh, WI: Family and community demand justice for Isaiah Tucker 4 years after his murder Oshkosh, WI
7/31/21 Eyewitness Venezuela: Homelessness becoming thing of the past Caracas, Venezuela
7/31/21 Hands off the Caribbean: Minnesotans stand with Cuba and Haiti Minneapolis, MN
7/30/21 Philippines: Duterte used VFA as bargaining chip for U.S. support for his tyranny Philippines
7/30/21 Twin Cites activists pressure Canadian oil company to stop toxic tar sands pipeline St. Paul