Tuesday December 7, 2021
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Published Title Location
9/08/21 Interview with Entergy worker on Hurricane Ida response New Orleans, LA
9/07/21 Hurricane Ida: Community-based relief ongoing as governments and utilities fall short New Orleans, LA
9/05/21 Fight for reproductive freedom and women’s rights! United States
9/05/21 Chicago: Hundreds rally for Nabisco strikers Chicago, IL
9/05/21 Texas: Students rally for women’s rights Arlington, TX
9/02/21 Austin protests Texas governor’s attack on women Austin, TX
9/01/21 51st anniversary of 1970 Chicanx Moratorium celebrated with march and rally Los Angeles, CA
8/31/21 Chicago march of reactionaries and fascists marks ‘renewed independence’ of Ukraine Chicago, IL
8/29/21 Hurricane Ida: Black, indigenous and working-class Louisianans can’t afford to leave, corporations raise prices New Orleans, LA
8/29/21 Philippines: Rally around the oppressed healthcare workers Philippines
8/28/21 Minnesota: Thousands demand end to the Line 3 oil pipeline St. Paul, MN
8/28/21 Minneapolis high rise window cleaners end strike after winning major gains Minneapolis, MN
8/27/21 33-year old man shot and killed by Milwaukee police Milwaukee, WI
8/27/21 33-year old man shot and killed by Milwaukee police Milwaukee, WI
8/26/21 AFSCME members at Hennepin County demand COVID money be used to support workers Minneapolis, MN
8/25/21 New Orleans protesters condemn U.S. interventions in Cuba, Haiti, Afghanistan New Orleans, LA
8/25/21 Support indigenous people’s anti-imperialist struggle against Line 3! United States
8/25/21 Minneapolis: Frank Chapman talks about his book on Marxism-Leninism and Black Liberation Minneapolis, MN
8/24/21 Kenosha, WI: Community rallies on 1-year anniversary of the attempted murder of Jacob Blake Kenosha, WI
8/22/21 Minneapolis high rise window cleaners’ strike continues Minneapolis, MN
8/22/21 Nabisco workers on strike Chicago, IL
8/21/21 MN speaks out against US occupation and refugee crisis in Afghanistan St. Paul, MN
8/19/21 Philippines: Revolutionary artist Parts Bagani murdered by state agents Philippines
8/18/21 Minneapolis high rise window cleaners begin strike Minneapolis, MN
8/18/21 Minnesota: Campaign to get ICE out of Hennepin County advances Minneapolis, MN