Wednesday July 6, 2022
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Published Title Location
5/05/22 Tallahassee braves storm to celebrate May Day Tallahassee, FL
5/05/22 San Jose community marches on May Day San José, CA
5/05/22 Minneapolis marches on May Day Minneapolis, MN
5/05/22 Tallahassee: Demanding a Peoples Budget Tallahassee, FL
5/04/22 West Michigan unions and immigrants rally for May 1, International Workers Day Grand Rapids, MI
5/03/22 New Orleans marchers call for worker and immigrant rights on May Day New Orleans, LA
5/03/22 LGBT+ Louisianans rally at legislators’ offices, staffers leave out back door Baton Rouge, LA
5/03/22 Keep abortion legal! Defend women’s and reproductive rights! United States
5/02/22 Book review: My Whirlwind Lives: A Chronicle of Decades of Resistance and Struggle Minneapolis, MN
5/02/22 Tampa community May Day rally against rising rent Tampa, FL
5/01/22 Red Theory: On the negation of the negation United States
5/01/22 Fight Back! has a podcast United States
4/30/22 Minneapolis rallies for climate justice on Earth Day Minneapolis, MN
4/29/22 Minneapolis emergency response protest shows solidarity with Palestine Minneapolis, MN
4/28/22 Tampa protesters condemn Israeli attacks on al-Aqsa worshippers, march for Palestine Tampa, FL
4/28/22 Florida State University’s Graduate Assistants United demands change policies around COVID-19 Tallahassee, FL
4/27/22 Interview with Starbucks union organizer in New Orleans New Orleans, LA
4/26/22 Tampa’s housing crisis and the fight for rent control Tampa, FL
4/25/22 Dallas rallies against Israel's assault on Al-Aqsa Mosque and bombing of Gaza Dallas, TX
4/25/22 Philippines: Greater strength and bigger victories for the NDFP! Philippines
4/24/22 Red theory: The leap from quantity to quality United States
4/24/22 U.S. stock tumble as ‘stagflation’ fears take hold San Jose, CA
4/23/22 Celebrate International Workers Day, May 1, 2022 United States
4/23/22 Los Angeles: 7th annual May Day set for Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
4/21/22 A must read for Lenin’s birthday, the ‘Letter to American Workers’ United States