Friday May 25, 2018
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4/27/18 Mass march for immigrant and workers’ rights planned for Minneapolis on May 1 Minneapolis, MN
4/28/18 May Day 2018: Fight the billionaires and their bigot politicians United States
5/02/18 May Day immigrant march in west Michigan Grand Rapids, MI
5/04/18 May Day in Denver Denver, CO
5/02/18 May Day march in San Jose San Jose, CA
5/02/18 May Day march in San Jose San Jose, CA
2/02/18 Members of the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers take strike vote St. Paul, MN
2/26/18 Miami rallies for workers’ rights Miami, FL
3/05/18 Militant teachers and education sector unions from around the world strategize in México City Mexico City, Mexico
3/20/18 Milwaukee celebrates International Women's Day Milwaukee WI
4/16/18 Milwaukee community rallies against U.S. attack on Syria Milwaukee, WI
4/14/18 Milwaukee teachers intensify struggle over budget cuts Milwaukee WI
3/07/18 Milwaukee's immigrant community demands DACA legislation relief Milwaukee, WI
1/16/18 Minneapolis action demands ‘Clean Dream Act now!’ Minneapolis, MN
4/13/18 Minneapolis immigrant rights activists tell city council: ‘Municipal ID now!’ Minneapolis, MN
4/14/18 Minneapolis peace groups speak out against bombing of Syria Minneapolis, MN
4/12/18 Minnesota calls on Senator Klobuchar to speak out against Israeli massacres Minneapolis, MN
1/24/18 Minnesota Fight Back! fundraiser nets $2600 Minneapolis, MN
3/08/18 Minnesota International Women’s Day rally Minneapolis, MN
5/17/18 Minnesota protests Israeli massacre on 70th anniversary of Al Nakba Minneapolis, MN
1/21/18 Minnesota protests on 1-year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration Minneapolis, MN
5/23/18 Minnesota: 18 arrested at Whipple Federal Building demanding end to deportations Minneapolis, MN
4/01/18 Minnesotans join with Palestinians worldwide on Land Day Saint Paul, MN
5/21/18 Minnesotans to show solidarity with Palestine during Ramadan Minneapolis, MN
3/18/18 MN Anti-War Committee opposes confirmation of Pompeo and Haspel Minneapolis, MN