Tuesday November 24, 2015
| Last update: Tuesday at 5:28 AM


Published Title Location
9/21/15 LA teachers protest billionaire Eli Broad's attack on public education Los Angeles, CA
9/19/15 Centro CSO and teachers union marches in LA’s Mexican Independence Day parade Los Angeles, CA
9/19/15 Black Lives Matter holds big event in Houston Houston, TX
9/19/15 Protesters say “Dump Trump” at Republican debates Simi Valley, CA
9/18/15 Victory for unions as NLRB reaffirms right to engage in union activity Minneapolis, MN
9/17/15 PFLP calls for unity and action in occupied Jerusalem to confront Zionist attacks Palestine
9/16/15 Tampa SDS rallies for the Iran nuclear deal Tampa, FL
9/16/15 Marchers demand justice for Ayotzinapa at Mexican Independence Day parade Minneapolis, MN
9/15/15 Workers march on U of MN President Kaler demanding raises and respect Minneapolis, MN
9/15/15 Tucson Teamster bus strikers standing strong Tucson, AZ
9/14/15 Occupation is a crime: Militarization at home and abroad Chicago, IL
9/14/15 Tucson Anti-War Committee mobilizes to free Simon Trinidad Tucson, AZ
9/13/15 20 Boyle Heights families fight back against displacement and gentrification Los Angeles, CA
9/13/15 Federal government’s witch hunt aimed at Chinese Americans San José, CA
9/12/15 PFLP denounces U.S. listing of Palestinian leaders and activists as “terrorists” Palestine
9/12/15 Support for Rasmea Odeh in San José San José, CA
9/12/15 Houston activists hold solidarity events with Rasmea Odeh Houston, TX
9/12/15 Tampa dances Dabke for Rasmea Odeh Tampa, FL
9/12/15 Grand Rapid anti-war activists support peace with Iran Grand Rapids, MI
9/11/15 Twin Cities stands with Rasmea Odeh Minneapolis, MN
9/11/15 Tim Sylvester to Run for Teamster General President Chicago, IL
9/11/15 Protest planned at Colorado supermax to demand release of Simon Trinidad Denver, CO
9/10/15 Los Angeles celebrates Labor Day Los Angeles, CA
9/10/15 Donald Trump, the Republican Party and their attack on citizenship United States
9/09/15 Florida State students demand justice for African American victims of police violence Tallahassee, FL