Thursday October 23, 2014
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Published Title Location
8/14/14 Protests ongoing in Ferguson, demanding ‘Justice for Michael Brown’ Ferguson, MO
8/14/14 PFLP: “We are all resistance” campaign organizes youth activities in Maghazi camp Gaza, Palestine
8/14/14 Minnesotans say “No new U.S. war in Iraq” St. Pauls, Minnesota
8/14/14 On the scene reporting: Marching against police killing in Ferguson, MO Ferguson, MO
8/13/14 Arizona immigrant rights organizers fight racial profiling Tucson, AZ
8/12/14 Fight to stop police terror - justice for Michael Brown! Ferguson, MO
8/12/14 Judge Borman forced to step down in case of Rasmea Odeh Detroit, MI
8/12/14 Minneapolis protest says ‘Let Palestine live’ Minneapolis, MN
8/12/14 Income inequality continues to rise United States
8/11/14 Grand Rapids march for Gaza Grand Rapids, MI
8/11/14 Justice for Rasmea Chicago, IL
8/11/14 North Carolina protest demands, “U.S. stop arming Israel” Asheville, NC
8/10/14 Chicago marches in solidarity with Gaza Chicago, IL
8/10/14 Minneapolis vigil shows solidarity with Central American refugee children Minneapolis, MN
8/09/14 Salt Lake City protests in solidarity with Palestine Salt Lake City, UT
8/09/14 Welfare Rights Committee celebrates victories, will fight to raise welfare grants Minneapolis, MN
8/09/14 Minneapolis protest slams U.S. air war on Iraq Minneapolis, MN
8/09/14 Durham protest in solidarity with Palestine Durham, NC
8/08/14 Minneapolis to protest U.S. air attacks on Iraq Minneapolis, MN
8/08/14 Twin cities protest in solidarity with Palestine; Israel launches more air attacks on Gaza St. Paul, MN
8/08/14 Palestinian resistance will not disarm Palestine
8/08/14 Hundreds join, thousands witness: Minneapolis Gaza solidarity action Minneapolis, MN
8/07/14 Central American refugee children: Victims of U.S. intervention in Central America Jacksonville, FL
8/06/14 Anti-Zionist Jews say: “Not in our name” Minneapolis, MN
8/05/14 Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees: Ban Ki-Moon must resign immediately Palestine