Monday November 28, 2022
| Last update: Sunday at 6:47 PM


Published Title Location
9/29/22 MN Cuba car caravan presses for an end to the blockade on Cuba Minneapolis, MN
9/27/22 Cuba accepts new Families Code, approves same-sex marriage, women’s rights Cuba
9/27/22 The Cuban people approve revolutionary Families Code New Orleans, LA
9/27/22 Milwaukee Alliance demands police transparency Milwaukee, WI
9/27/22 Los Angeles: Family holds protest 1 year after California Highway Patrol killed beloved Leo Chavez Los Angeles, CA
9/27/22 Cuban and Venezuelan leaders speak in New York City New York City, NY
9/27/22 New York City rallies for Zimbabwe
9/27/22 New York City rallies for Zimbabwe
9/27/22 New York City rallies for Zimbabwe New York City, NY
9/26/22 New York City rallies for Zimbabwe New York, NY
9/26/22 Tallahassee: Activists attend final meeting to fight for a People's Budget Tallahassee, FL
9/25/22 Red Theory: The party of a new type United States
9/25/22 Milwaukee Alliance confronts MPD at ‘listening session’ Milwaukee, WI
9/25/22 Milwaukee County passes abortion access resolution Milwaukee, WI
9/25/22 Seattle teachers vote to ratify new contract Seattle, WA
9/22/22 Philippines President Marcos Jr: ‘Not welcome’ at UN New York City, NY
9/22/22 Tampa Bay teachers share horrendous working conditions, demand their contract is ratified Tampa, FL
9/20/22 UW-Milwaukee SDS rallies to make Milwaukee an abortion sanctuary Milwaukee, WI
9/19/22 Tallahassee SDS marches for women's and reproductive rights Tallahassee, FL
9/19/22 Denver protest demands: ‘Indict mass shooters in uniform’ Denver, CO
9/18/22 Minnesota Abortion Action Coalition demands no state funding for ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ Saint Paul, MN
9/18/22 Red Theory: What is neo-colonialism? United States
9/17/22 Fight Back! Radio is dope Chicago, IL
9/17/22 Austin students rally in defense of abortion rights Austin, TX
9/17/22 UW-Milwaukee SDS stands in solidarity with AFT 3535 Milwaukee, WI