Sunday April 2, 2023
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Published Title Location
3/12/23 Against Trotskyism: Trotsky and the Chinese Revolution United States
3/12/23 New Orleans marches for International Women’s Day New Orleans, LA
3/11/23 Tallahassee FRSO holds International Women's Day rally Tallahassee, FL
3/10/23 University of New Orleans students demand justice for Tampa 4 and increased Black enrollment New Orleans, LA
3/10/23 Seattle rallies to celebrate International Women’s Day Seattle, WA
3/10/23 Job market renews slowdown in February San José, CA
3/10/23 FRSO Orlando hosts International Women’s Day speakout Orlando, FL
3/10/23 Tampa SDS hosts press conference demanding justice for the Tampa 4 Tampa, FL
3/10/23 UCF solidarity protest for Tampa 4 Orlando, FL
3/10/23 Pro-accountability police district councilors celebrate election victories on International Women's Day Chicago, IL
3/10/23 Minneapolis protest demands drop all charges against the Tampa 4 Minneapolis, MN
3/09/23 East Los Angeles Walkouts celebrated Los Angeles, CA
3/09/23 Austin students rally for International Women’s Day Austin, TX
3/09/23 Dallas, TX: International Women’s Day march Dallas, TX
3/09/23 Newly organized workers at 3 Allina hospitals picket for raises and PTO in fight for first contract Minneapolis, MN
3/09/23 Tampa celebrates International Women’s Day Tampa, FL
3/09/23 Grand Rapids holds International Women’s Day street rally Grand Rapids, MI
3/08/23 Hundreds gather to stop Cop City, police arrest activists for “domestic terrorism” Atlanta, GA
3/08/23 Students for a Democratic Society demands justice for the Tampa 4! Drop the charges! Tampa, Florida
3/08/23 FRSO Orlando hosts Young Lords speakers Orlando, FL
3/08/23 Tampa students arrested, brutalized by university police while protesting cuts to Diversity Equity and Inclusion Tampa, FL
3/07/23 Community rallies against environmental racism, opposes Roof Depot demolition Minneapolis, MN
3/07/23 Minneapolis protesters rally against the crisis of anti-abortion centers Minneapolis, MN
3/07/23 WFTU: Solidarity with the indefinite strike of workers in France on March 7! France
3/06/23 FRSO and community organizations hold International Women’s Day panel Tallahassee, FL