Monday November 28, 2022
| Last update: Sunday at 6:47 PM


Published Title Location
11/01/22 In closely watched election, Lula defeats Bolsonaro to win Brazil presidency Brazil
10/31/22 University of Texas at Arlington students’ demand school stop honoring segregationist administrators Arlington, TX
10/31/22 Colorado Springs demands justice for Dezarae Archuleta Colorado Springs, CO
10/31/22 Red Theory: What is socialism? United States
10/31/22 Interview with FRSO leader Masao Suzuki: The fight against national oppression and the struggle for socialism United States
10/30/22 UT Austin students defend women’s and LGBTQ rights Austin, TX
10/29/22 Chicago protest against U.S. intervention in Haiti Chicago, IL
10/29/22 Save DACA, demand legalization for all United States
10/29/22 Denver SDS demands demilitarization of campus police Denver, CO
10/29/22 Justice for Brieon Green Coalition demands transparency from the Sheriff’s Office Milwaukee, WI
10/29/22 Second International League of Peoples’ Struggle U.S. Assembly a great success Seattle, WA
10/28/22 Minneapolis protest says: ‘No U.S. intervention In Haiti’ Minneapolis, MN
10/26/22 One year celebration for Lucille Berrien Park in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
10/26/22 Denver City Council pushes bloated police budget, people speak out Denver, CO
10/25/22 Minneapolis protesters demand Senate pass bill to legalize immigrants with DACA Minneapolis, MN
10/24/22 Grand Rapids activists join global protest against U.S. endless wars Grand Rapids, MI
10/24/22 Freedom Road Socialist Organization greets the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China United States
10/23/22 FSU students demand ‘Kirk off campus!’ Tallahassee, FL
10/23/22 Students for a Democratic Society 16th Annual Convention say, ‘Not another step back!’ Kent, OH
10/23/22 November 2022 LA elections vote-guide Los Angeles, CA
10/23/22 Red Theory: Bourgeois democracy and fascism United States
10/23/22 Southern California Teamsters in solidarity with Amazon walkout San Bernardino, CA
10/22/22 Purchasing power of workers down San José, CA
10/20/22 Minneapolis: Protest slams city demolition plans that will spread arsenic in community Minneapolis, MN
10/17/22 Scabby the rat tours U of MN campus, Teamsters ready to strike Minneapolis, MN