Monday November 28, 2022
| Last update: Sunday at 6:47 PM


Published Title Location
6/09/22 Minneapolis fights for community-owned sustainable urban farm Minneapolis, MN
6/08/22 Young Lords pass the torch, honor Jose “Cha Cha” Jimenez Chicago, IL
6/08/22 Milwaukee Alliance facilitates meeting between families and city officials over 24/48 campaign Milwaukee, WI
6/07/22 Renters also facing sticker shock San José, CA
6/06/22 Communist Party of the Philippines calls out Twitter over censorship of its accounts Philippines
6/05/22 Red Theory: The contradiction between mental and manual labor United States
6/05/22 Chicago students want police out of their schools Chicago, IL
6/05/22 Workers and Communist Parties Greet the FRSO'S 9th Congress United States
6/04/22 Chicago: ChiArts part-time teaching artists vote to join CTU Chicago, IL
6/03/22 9th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization: Seize the time, the future is bright! United States
6/02/22 Twin Cities speaks out against sending U.S. troops to Somalia Minneapolis, MN
6/02/22 Greece: Communist Party of Greece blocks NATO convoy Greece
6/02/22 Milwaukee Alliance solidarity statement: Release the footage now. Justice for Leonna Hale! Milwaukee, WI
5/31/22 Red Theory: The relations of production United States
5/29/22 Palestine solidarity activists slam Minnesota agency over divestment opportunism St. Paul, MN
5/28/22 Tampa community fights for tenants’ rights in city council meeting Tampa, FL
5/28/22 Planned Parenthood workers to hold union election in 5 states St. Paul, MN
5/25/22 Los Angeles victory: One step closer to winning community control over LA County Sheriff’s Department Los Angeles, CA
5/25/22 March and rally held to demand justice for Edgar Ortiz Los Angeles, CA
5/25/22 Trans rights protesters hold Louisiana capitol lobby, removed by security Baton Rouge, LA
5/25/22 Appleton, WI: Students and community members rally in defense of reproductive rights Appleton, WI
5/25/22 Appleton, WI: Family and supporters rally on the 5th anniversary of the police murder of Jimmie Sanders Appleton, WI
5/25/22 Mental health workers at three Minneapolis hospitals strike for first contract Minneapolis, MN
5/23/22 Denver: Interview with wrongfully fired Chicano high school teacher Tim Hernández Denver, CO
5/23/22 Firing of beloved Chicano teacher sparks outrage, protests in Denver Denver, CO