Tuesday July 17, 2018
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1/27/18 Quid pro quo: Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines in exchange for support to Duterte’s corrupt and criminal rule Philippines
5/12/18 Rally and march for Terrance Franklin 5-year remembrance Minneapolis, MN
5/22/18 Rally at Minnesota Capitol targets deportations and Columbus statue Saint Paul, MN
3/31/18 Read some Lenin on Ireland’s Easter Rebellion of 1916 Ireland
2/03/18 Read the Mao Zedong article on battle of Stalingrad Soviet Union
3/28/18 Refusal to prosecute cops who killed Alton Sterling condemned Chicago, IL
2/20/18 Rodrigo Duterte is a misogynistic tyrant on his way to his downfall Mindanao
4/30/18 Salt Lake City celebrates May Day, despite police harassment Salt Lake City, UT
4/19/18 Salt Lake City protest against U.S. strikes on Syria Salt Lake City, UT
1/21/18 Salt Lake City protests one year of Trump Salt Lake City, UT
7/03/18 San Diego march to abolish ICE San Diego, CA
6/28/18 San José, CA: Free Leonard Peltier! San José, CA
7/11/18 Sandinista supporters keep Nicaragua free of ‘soft coup’ Tucson
7/09/18 Scores of protesters march on immigrant detention center in Kenosha, WI Kenosha, WI
3/06/18 SDS announces list of demands, delivers letter to chancellor with 50 students in tow Oskosh, WI
1/03/18 Socialist Cuba hits record lows in infant mortality rate Washington D.C.
4/22/18 Some Lenin for Lenin’s birthday United States
4/15/18 South Florida protest denounces U.S. war on Syria Fort Lauderdale, FL
2/05/18 South Florida rallies for Ahed Tamimi and Palestine Fort Lauderdale, FL
4/28/18 Speaking tour addresses human rights abuses in the Philippines New York, NY
5/30/18 Speech by UN Ambassador Nikki Haley disrupted by pro-Palestine students Houston, TX
2/08/18 St. Paul teachers strike set for Feb. 13 Saint Paul, MN
4/03/18 Statement by Jacksonville Palestine Solidarity Network on Land Day Jacksonville, FL
4/07/18 Stock market falls again as Trump escalates trade battle with China United States
3/02/18 Stock market resumes fall amid growing worries about economy United States