Saturday October 1, 2022
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Published Title Location
5/09/22 ‘Ban off our bodies’ protest ended in Homeland Security, LAPD attack Los Angeles, CA
5/09/22 Milwaukee: Defend Roe v. Wade protest mobilizes 1000-plus Milwaukee, WI
5/09/22 Dallas marches against anti-abortion draft Supreme Court decision Dallas, TX
5/09/22 MN says: No proxy war over Ukraine Minneapolis, MN
5/09/22 Rome: World Federation of Trade Unions 18th Congress underway Rome, Italy
5/09/22 What is historical materialism? United States
5/08/22 Denver SDS fights for Roe, marches to senator’s office Denver, CO
5/07/22 Young unionists in Milwaukee study book Class Struggle Unionism Milwaukee, WI
5/07/22 Los Angles: Boyle Heights celebrates May Day with march and rally Los Angeles, CA
5/07/22 Austin protests to keep abortion legal Austin, TX
5/07/22 New Orleans protests leaked Roe v. Wade decision New Orleans, LA
5/07/22 Thousands rally in Jacksonville for reproductive justice Jacksonville, FL
5/06/22 Tallahassee: Hundreds rally for abortion rights Tallahassee, FL
5/06/22 Appleton, WI: 2nd annual May Day rally Appleton, WI
5/05/22 Minneapolis: 1500-plus march against Supreme Court attack on Roe v. Wade Minneapolis, MN
5/05/22 Chicago: FRSO celebrates International Workers Day Chicago, IL
5/05/22 The full story of how Louisianans defeated the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill Baton Rouge, LA
5/05/22 May 5 is the birthday of Karl Marx, read some of his revolutionary words United States
5/05/22 Tallahassee braves storm to celebrate May Day Tallahassee, FL
5/05/22 San Jose community marches on May Day San José, CA
5/05/22 Minneapolis marches on May Day Minneapolis, MN
5/05/22 Tallahassee: Demanding a Peoples Budget Tallahassee, FL
5/04/22 West Michigan unions and immigrants rally for May 1, International Workers Day Grand Rapids, MI
5/03/22 New Orleans marchers call for worker and immigrant rights on May Day New Orleans, LA
5/03/22 LGBT+ Louisianans rally at legislators’ offices, staffers leave out back door Baton Rouge, LA