Friday April 3, 2020
| Last update: Friday at 5:52 PM


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2/01/20 U.S. and European stocks fall again to end the week San Jose, CA
2/26/20 Twin Cities demand release of Myon Burrell Minneapolis, MN
1/06/20 Tucson tells Trump: Hands off Iran! Tucson, AZ
1/01/20 Trump to be met with protest at Milwaukee visit Milwaukee, WI
1/06/20 Trump commits multiple murder in line with U.S. imperialist terrorism United States
1/01/20 Top 20 films of the 2010s Jacksonville, FL
3/10/20 Threats against Prof. Sison are threats against the resumption of the peace talks Philippines
1/14/20 Thousands protest Trump visit in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
2/13/20 They have no shame! Chicago, IL
3/28/20 The U.S. should be working with China to end the Pandemic, Not provoking a new cold war United States
3/24/20 Teamsters concerned about UPS response to COVID-19 pandemic Lansing, MI
3/31/20 Teamsters - Join the fight for hazard pay! Chicago, IL
3/24/20 Tampa UPS Teamsters demand gloves, hand sanitizer to prevent COVID-19 spread Tampa, FL
2/24/20 Tampa students rally for justice for Jamee Johnson Tampa, FL
1/15/20 Tampa students rally against aggressions towards Iran Tampa, FL
1/26/20 Tampa says: No war with Iran and U.S. out of the Middle East! Tampa, FL
1/08/20 Tampa Bay SDS says: End endless wars! Tampa, FL
2/03/20 Tallahassee residents demand removal of killer cop Police Chief Lawrence Revell Tallahassee, FL
3/11/20 Tallahassee International Women’s Day Tallahassee, FL
1/22/20 Syrian ambassador to Venezuela with FRSO delegation Caracas, Venezuela
1/30/20 Students at the University of South Florida rally to increase Black enrollment Tampa, FL
4/02/20 Stop Trump's anti-Asian Racism; Speak out against hate crimes! United States
3/10/20 Stocks plunge on COVID-19 fears San José, CA
1/28/20 Stocks fall around the world San José, CA
3/12/20 Stock market crushed after Trump’s speech San Jose, CA