Sunday August 25, 2019
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1/31/19 A week of U.S. war moves against Venezuela Chicago, IL
2/08/19 Chicago rally demands ‘U.S. hands off Venezuela!’ Chicago, IL
7/01/19 Interview with Jose “Cha Cha” Jimenez on original Rainbow Coalition Chicago, IL
5/24/19 Venezuela: The opposition collapses, revolution advances Chicago, IL
4/04/19 Venezuela suffers without electricity, yet perseveres Chicago, IL
5/21/19 Chicago Teachers Union members re-elects CORE slate to leadership Chicago, IL
3/03/19 Chicago’s elections: Rejecting Rahm and police terror Chicago, IL
1/09/19 Frank Chapman condemns shameful and cowardly decision to revoke award to Angela Davis Chicago, IL
2/13/19 Black liberation movement impact Chicago’s upcoming elections Chicago, IL
3/25/19 Protest demands justice for the wrongfully convicted Chicago, IL
2/01/19 High stakes for the Venezuelan working class Chicago, IL
5/02/19 Trade union leader from Philippines visit graves of Haymarket martyrs May 1 Chicago, IL
4/12/19 Chicago Teachers Union members vote to strike four operators at five charter schools Chicago, IL
4/04/19 Chicago elections and what’s coming next Chicago, IL
8/18/19 Venezuela: Worker control vs. Trump's blockade Chicago, IL
4/26/19 Chicago Teachers Union to strike charter schools on May Day Chicago, IL
1/09/19 Candidates in upcoming Chicago election declare support for a Civilian Police Accountability Council Chicago, IL
7/20/19 Heat wave poses danger to UPS Teamsters Chicago, IL
7/03/19 Chicago: Book signing for Frank Chapman’s autobiography Chicago, IL
2/04/19 Chicago: Emergency demonstration to demand, “Hands off Venezuela! Not another U.S. coup!” Chicago, IL
2/13/19 Chicago Teachers Union strike at CICS charter schools enters week two Chicago, IL
3/12/19 Trump orders terrorist attack against Venezuela Chicago, IL
4/29/19 International Workers Day to be celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
8/20/19 Say no to the McCarthyite attack on Chicago teachers Chicago, IL
5/21/19 Chicago Teachers Union members re-elects CORE slate to leadership Chicago, IL