Monday November 30, 2020
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1/25/20 President Nicolás Maduro addresses World Anti Imperialist Congress Caracas, Venezuela
1/22/20 Delegates arrive in Venezuela on eve of World Anti-Imperialist Congress Caracas, Venezuela
3/11/20 Venezuela: FRSO labor delegation meets with Bolivarian Space Agency Caracas, Venezuela
1/22/20 Opening plenary kicks off World Anti-Imperialist Congress Caracas, Venezuela
3/10/20 FRSO labor delegation joins Venezuelan march defending the Bolivarian government Caracas, Venezuela
1/22/20 Syrian ambassador to Venezuela with FRSO delegation Caracas, Venezuela
3/21/20 U.S. Teamsters get warm welcome at Venezuela’s Canaima laptop plant Caracas, Venezuela
1/28/20 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with women in Bolivarian Militia Caracas, Venezuela
3/10/20 FRSO delegation arrives in Caracas, meets with human rights organization Caracas, Venezuela
1/24/20 Venezuelans celebrate one year of resistance to U.S. coup attempt Caracas, Venezuela
2/12/20 Interview with Nicaraguan Sandinista youth leader Rosalía Bohórquez Caracas, Venezuela
3/12/20 Venezuela: FRSO meets National Electoral Council president Caracas, Venezuela
5/31/20 Central Florida FRSO condemns Florida curfews Central Florida
8/10/20 Rebellion reignites in Chicago Chicago, IL
7/10/20 Chicago protest against Duterte’s terror law Chicago, IL
3/15/20 Immediate steps are required to avert mass casualties in prisons and jails Chicago, IL
1/15/20 Commentary: What justice looks like in Chicago Chicago, IL
2/22/20 Hoffa to retire from the Teamsters Chicago, IL
3/12/20 Commentary: Phony Civilian Oversight bill defeated in Chicago Chicago, IL
10/23/20 Commentary on Bolivia: How a coup failed Chicago, IL
11/13/20 The people must stand up and fight back against Trump stealing the election! Chicago, IL
9/22/20 UIC strikers turn away UPS deliveries Chicago, IL
7/20/20 Chicago joins national day of protest, presses demand for community control of police Chicago, IL
5/25/20 Chicago community groups renew demand for community control of police Chicago, IL
9/20/20 UIC workers vow to continue strike, rally with community and labor allies Chicago, IL