Friday April 29, 2016
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2/25/16 Decision in Rasmea Odeh appeal a partial victory Chicago, IL
3/13/16 How students in Chicago organized to shut down Trump Chicago, IL
3/22/16 Chicago Teachers Union plans one-day strike Chicago, IL
3/09/16 Massive protest to confront Trump during Chicago campaign visit Chicago, IL
4/01/16 Chicago teachers on strike Chicago, IL
2/03/16 Chicago Teachers reject city contract proposal, call for protest Chicago, IL
4/13/16 Chicago responds to police killing of Pierre Loury Chicago, IL
3/10/16 Rasmea Odeh’s International Women’s Day speech Chicao, IL
1/26/16 Celebrations as Colombian political prisoner Lily Obando officially released Colombia
3/30/16 Colombian labor union solidarity with Chicago teachers and students Colombia
1/24/16 Message from Hubert Ballesteros, Colombian unionist and political prisoner, to North American labor and solidarity activists Colombia
3/16/16 Progressives tell President Obama to end blockade/embargo on Cuba, return Guantanamo Cuba
3/28/16 Mexico deports leader of Young Communists of Colombia Denver, CO
4/23/16 Students for a Democratic Society calls on students to counter the KKK in Stone Mountain GA Georgia
2/01/16 Greek Communists say “The people’s resistance can block the political line of the government” Greece
2/21/16 Greek communists blast the “left traffic cops” of capitalism Greece
1/18/16 Greek general strike set for Feb. 4 Greece
1/06/16 Sandra Bland activists demand justice; Texas Trooper indicted, fired Hempstead, TX
2/20/16 University of Houston students hold Trump piñata bash Houston, TX
3/13/16 International Women's Day march in Houston Houston, TX
3/06/16 Talking socialism In Houston, TX Houston, TX
3/28/16 Houston students prepare for Rasmea Odeh events Houston, TX
3/31/16 Forum on Rasmea Odeh held in Houston Houston, TX
1/31/16 Students and activists in Houston demand justice for Sandra Bland Houston, TX
2/10/16 SDS calls to ‘Dump Trump!’ at University of Houston, students oppose Republican debate Houston, TX