Monday August 21, 2017
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6/24/17 Jacksonville protests for trans rights Jacksonville, FL
5/14/17 Jersey City teachers mobilize against gentrification Jersey City, NJ
8/01/17 Aramark laundry workers walk off the job La Crosse, WI
8/06/17 Aramark launder workers win big through struggle La Crosse, WI
6/08/17 Twin River Casino workers vote to strike Lincoln, RI
3/19/17 White rapist freed Los Angeles, CA
5/04/17 Boyle Heights May Day protest demands end to deportations and police killings Los Angeles, CA
1/22/17 Hundreds of thousands join Women's March in LA Los Angeles, CA
5/23/17 LA protest demands ‘Jail killer cops!’ Los Angeles, CA
3/25/17 LAPD kills 1st Chicano this year in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
6/22/17 Young Latino survives LAPD shooting in East Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
7/17/17 Chicanos, Latinos and Blacks unite against LAPD, oppose police terror Los Angeles, CA
4/29/17 Chicanos to protest ICE and police attacks on May Day in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
1/21/17 Chicanos march against Trump in LA Los Angeles, CA
1/03/17 LA to march against Trump Los Angeles, CA
1/17/17 LAPD cover-up, lies, exposed in police murder of Jose Mendez Los Angeles, CA
6/23/17 Undocumented student Claudia Rueda freed Los Angeles, CA
1/27/17 Pasadena City College SDS joins the march against Trump! Los Angeles, CA
2/18/17 Los Angeles rallies in support of “Un día sin inmigrantes” Los Angeles, CA
7/28/17 Parents of Jesse Romero angered by LAPD Police Commission decisions Los Angeles, CA
4/16/17 LA Chicanos demand ‘Hands off Syria!’ Los Angeles, CA
1/30/17 Protest at LAX against Muslim ban Los Angeles, CA
4/06/17 Angry parents protest proposed KIPP charter school in ELA Los Angles, CA
4/08/17 Activists in Lufkin, TX protest Trump's attack on Syria Luftkin, TX
1/09/17 Communist Party of Mexico blasts gasoline price hike Mexico