Tuesday October 25, 2016
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2/21/16 Greek communists blast the “left traffic cops” of capitalism Greece
1/18/16 Greek general strike set for Feb. 4 Greece
6/26/16 Greek communists speak out on Britain's vote to leave EU Greece
7/22/16 3 Days in rural Mindanao: Human rights abuse and land grabs Guinoman, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines
1/06/16 Sandra Bland activists demand justice; Texas Trooper indicted, fired Hempstead, TX
6/11/16 Students prepare protests against Trump in Houston Houston, TX
5/05/16 International Workers Day march in Houston, TX Houston, TX
1/31/16 Students and activists in Houston demand justice for Sandra Bland Houston, TX
5/22/16 Scores rally against Islamophobia in Houston Texas Houston, TX
2/26/16 Hundreds of students march against Trump and the Houston GOP debate Houston, TX
2/10/16 SDS calls to ‘Dump Trump!’ at University of Houston, students oppose Republican debate Houston, TX
7/02/16 Houston marks Al Quds Day with protest for Palestinian liberation Houston, TX
8/02/16 Houston commemoration of Hugo Chavez Houston, TX
10/02/16 Protest slams armed neo-Nazis in Houston Houston, TX
7/12/16 Protest in Houston against police killings Houston, TX
2/20/16 University of Houston students hold Trump piñata bash Houston, TX
9/17/16 Houston students protest police brutality Houston, TX
3/13/16 International Women's Day march in Houston Houston, TX
9/20/16 Students and socialists protest Trump at Omni Hotel in Houston Houston, TX
3/31/16 Forum on Rasmea Odeh held in Houston Houston, TX
10/24/16 Houston anti-racist protests leads to clash Houston, TX
3/06/16 Talking socialism In Houston, TX Houston, TX
9/25/16 Black Lives Matter protest in Houston's Third Ward Houston, TX
3/28/16 Houston students prepare for Rasmea Odeh events Houston, TX
9/11/16 Students at University of Houston hold Trump piñata bash Houston, TX