Saturday December 10, 2016
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7/14/16 Eyewitness account from Dallas protest where shooting took place Dallas, TX
8/02/16 Leader of labor movement in Philippines interviewed Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines
3/28/16 Mexico deports leader of Young Communists of Colombia Denver, CO
9/16/16 Standing Rock standoff sparks solidarity in Colorado Denver, CO
6/14/16 Rasmea Odeh appeal moves towards new trial Detroit, MI
12/06/16 Rasmea Odeh Gets a New Trial; Tell McQuade to Drop the Charges Now! Detroit, MI
6/15/16 More victories for the defense in Rasmea’s case! Detroit, MI
9/07/16 Rasmea’s lawyers file motion “to protect defendant from additional harm” Detroit, MI
8/31/16 Rasmea’s prosecutors deny the horror of torture; Judge Drain accepts their argument Detroit, MI
11/04/16 All out for Rasmea's Nov. 29 federal court hearing in Detroit Detroit, MI
8/05/16 Prosecutors launch new legal attack on Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh Detroit, MI
9/29/16 World Federation of Trade Unions prepares for 17th Congress in South Africa Durban, South Africa
10/06/16 World Federation of Trade Unions 17th Congress underway in South Africa Durban, South Africa
10/14/16 Cuban union leader speaks on changing U.S.-Cuba relations Durban, South Africa
10/08/16 U.S. labor leader Cherrene Horazuk speaks to World Federation of Trade Unions Congress Durban, South Africa
10/14/16 U.K. union leader speaks on E.U. exit Durban, South Africa
11/23/16 Durham protests police killing of 34-year-old Frank ‘Scooter Bug’ Clark Durham, NC
9/06/16 Protest says MN State #AintFair for those murdered by the police Falcon Heights, Mn
6/08/16 Palestinian day of mourning commemorated in south Florida Fort Lauderdale, FL
10/10/16 Anti-war march in Ft Lauderdale demands ‘U.S. out of the Middle East!” Fort Lauderdale, FL
5/27/16 The WFTU supports the struggle of the French working class France
5/25/16 Texas students hold Trump piñata bash on Galveston beach Galveston, TX
10/26/16 Gaza protesters demand freedom for Georges Abdallah Gaza, Palestine
4/23/16 Students for a Democratic Society calls on students to counter the KKK in Stone Mountain GA Georgia
11/02/16 Forward with the Colombian peace process! Free Simon Trinidad! Grand Rapids, MI