Friday November 21, 2014
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8/05/14 Boeing bans board candidate for speaking out on Gaza Chicago, IL
6/14/14 Obama considers “Range of other options”, anti-war activists respond “US hands off Iraq!” Chicago, IL
6/22/14 Chicago protests new war on Iraq Chicago, IL
7/27/14 Massive Chicago march in solidarity with Gaza Chicago, IL
4/07/14 Chicago protest says: ‘Turkey, NATO, hands off Syria!’ Chicago, IL
4/15/14 Chicago forum on U.S. role in Ukraine: fascists attempt disruption Chicago, IL
11/01/14 Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh heading to trial Chicago, IL
7/19/14 Replace pro-Israeli judge, say Odeh lawyers Chicago, IL
8/10/14 Chicago marches in solidarity with Gaza Chicago, IL
8/22/14 Mayor Rahm Emanuel speech disrupted at pro-Israel event Chicago, IL
3/12/14 Chicago International Women’s Day demands justice for Rasmea Odeh Chicago, IL
3/23/14 Protest at Chicago Ukrainian Consulate slams fascists Chicago, IL
10/23/14 Frank Chapman speaks out against police terror Chicago, IL
7/13/14 Major Chicago protest: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" Chicago, IL
4/27/14 Anti-war activist runs for spot on Boeing board of directors Chicago, IL
7/17/14 The Anti-War Committee - Chicago condemns Boeing Company for manufacturing weapons for targeted deaths of civilians in the Israeli siege of Gaza Chicago, IL
7/22/14 Supporters of Palestine outnumber Zionists at Chicago Israeli Consulate protest Chicago, IL
8/11/14 Justice for Rasmea Chicago, IL
1/11/14 Chicago remembers Joe Hill Chicago, IL
2/19/14 Faculty strike at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Chicago, IL
5/07/14 FBI questioning Chicago Palestinian community members Chicago, IL
5/14/14 Eastern Ukraine voters show courage, unity in the face of fascism Chicago, IL
7/21/14 AFSCME holds International Convention Chicago, IL
3/27/14 Campus workers in Chicago will take strike vote Chicago, IL
4/17/14 Clarksville SDS chapter receives Outstanding Student Organization Award Clarksville, TN