Sunday August 25, 2019
| Last update: Friday at 2:20 PM


Published Title Location
8/23/19 Activists demand Minnesota divest from border militarization contractor St. Paul, MN
8/22/19 U of MN Teamsters demand year-round work Minneapolis
8/21/19 Representatives Omar and Tlaib speak out against being banned from Palestine St. Paul, MN
8/20/19 Say no to the McCarthyite attack on Chicago teachers Chicago, IL
8/19/19 Twin Cities activists say ‘No business as usual’ while cops continue to kill Minneapolis, MN
8/18/19 Venezuela: Worker control vs. Trump's blockade Chicago, IL
8/18/19 Anti-War Committee denounces Israel’s ban of Omar and Tlaib Twin Cities, MN
8/17/19 Milwaukee VA workers fight union busting Milwaukee, WI
8/17/19 The Hong Kong protests are an attack on socialism Washington DC
8/16/19 Carnegie Library workers vote to Join United Steelworkers Pittsburgh, PA
8/15/19 Israel bans Representatives Omar and Tlaib from entering Palestine Minneapolis
8/14/19 Stock market tanks San José, CA
8/14/19 Philippines: On the proposal to revive the Anti-Subversion Law Philippines
8/13/19 U.S. stock market keeps dropping San José, CA
8/13/19 On the 3-month anniversary of his death, community rallies for #Justice4Jalen Jacksonville
8/12/19 U.S. starts blockade of Venezuela Chicago,IL
8/10/19 Police crimes protesters storm MN governor’s office St. Paul, MN
8/10/19 Milwaukee: Victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki remembered Milwaukee, WI
8/09/19 Jamar Clark settlement announced, community vows to keep up the fight Minneapolis
8/08/19 China says it will continue cooperation with Venezuela, tells U.S. to stop bullying Washington DC
8/07/19 Milwaukee: Vigil Against Hate remembers victims of mass shootings Milwaukee, WI
8/07/19 BAYAN-USA: Stop the Attacks on Human Rights Defenders Now! United States
8/06/19 Milwaukee: Jews against ICE say “Never again is now” Milwaukee, WI
8/06/19 Crime, poverty, policing point to need for a People’s Budget in Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL
8/05/19 China’s response to Trump’s new tariff threat panics stock market San José, CA