Sunday February 5, 2023
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FRSO Summer Fund Drive: Help us keep up our party-building momentum!

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization |
June 13, 2022
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Freedom Road Socialist Organization is serious about building for revolution in this country, and we need your help to continue building. We have some serious momentum. Our membership has grown rapidly over the past three years. Last year, we successfully raised over $100,000, which allowed us to open up a national office and hire a full-time national organizer. We recently concluded our 9th Congress, which was larger than ever before.

We are an organization that has proven time and again that we are able to make things happen, score victories for the people, and land blows against the enemy – from the fight against police crimes, to union struggles, and more. In the next period, we will use the increased capacity brought about by our national office and staff to expand and grow in even more cities across the country. People write to us every day asking how to join and get involved. The masses are hungry for revolutionary organization.

We need your help to continue in the promising direction in which we are headed – building a revolutionary organization which can and will contend for power.

We urge you to donate, and to share this fundraising message as broadly as you can so others have an opportunity to donate as well.