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First day of Teamster convention

By staff |
June 23, 2021
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Washington, DC - The first day of the 30th International Convention of the Teamsters union, which is being held virtually due to coronavirus concerns, began June 22 with a technical disaster. The convention was delayed for nearly an hour as the virtual platform set up by the Hoffa administration struggled to launch, glitching and locking out delegates from accessing the event.

When the convention was finally up and running, the delegates were in for hours of self-congratulatory speeches and videos of Hoffa, as well as a host of admiring messages from his sycophants within and outside the union.

Hoffa and his cronies struggled to control the image of his legacy after imposing the 2018 UPS contract, which was voted down by members. Much of the remaining screen time was given to members of his chosen Vairma/Hererra successor slate.

However, much of the important business of the convention will go on in the days to come, with pressing matters on the table such as slate nominations for the international elections, constitutional amendments, and resolutions on the future direction of the Teamsters.