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Minnesota: Over 4000 union healthcare workers at Allina hospitals file 10-day notice to strike

By staff |
April 30, 2021
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Health care workers are ready to strike.
Health care workers are ready to strike. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Coon Rapids, MN - As SEIU Healthcare Minnesota members picketed on Wednesday, April 28 in front of Allina’s Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids Minnesota, they gathered up the crowd that included supporters from other unions and the community for a rally. At the rally, SEIU announced they were filing a 10-day strike notice, for a strike to begin on May 10, at all eight Allina hospitals, where SEIU represents over 4000 members.

SEIU members have held informational pickets each Wednesday in recent weeks at Allina Hospitals around the Twin Cities metro area. So far, pickets have been held at Abbot Northwestern Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital, United Hospital and Mercy Hospital.

The union members have met with Allina management ten times for bargaining sessions since January and management is still offering no raises at all in the first year of the new contract. This comes on top of a year in which essential healthcare workers have faced extreme difficulties, stress and life-threatening danger to provide healthcare for the community. Allina reportedly offered bonuses, in some cases bonuses that rival the yearly pay of some of the lower paid Allina workers, to management.

The union says its members are ready to strike if no deal is reached before the May 10 strike notice goes into effect.