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Grand Rapids rally opposes anti-Asian murders

By Tom Burke |
March 21, 2021
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Grand Rapids protest against anti-Asian murders.
Grand Rapids protest against anti-Asian murders. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Grand Rapids, MI - Over 300 people rallied to denounce the racist and woman-hating murders in Georgia of six Asian American women and two other men. Speakers and organizations representing people of Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese and Pacific Islander descendent spoke at Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids on March 20.

Lily Cheng-Schulting, a progressive Democrat and candidate for Michigan’s 72nd State House District introduced Kent County Commissioner Robert Womack, who criticized the statements by police officials in Georgia. The rally ended with a speech by NAACP President Cle J. Jackson, calling for unity and the need to fuse the various movements in this country to stop racist attacks.

The Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation asked for solidarity, “as we remember and honor the victims from the mass murder in Atlanta and denounce the rapidly growing hate crimes against Asian Americans.”

About 2% of Grand Rapids population is Asian and Pacific Islander people.