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Centro CSO Condemns LAPD S.W.AT. Swarming BLM Leader’s Home

By Centro CSO |
August 13, 2020
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Protesters in Los Angeles, California
Dr. Melina,German Romro, and Carlos Montes.

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from Centro Community Service Organization (Centro CSO).

The morning of August 12, 2020 the private residence of Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles co-founder Dr. Melina Abdullah was swarmed by an LAPD SWAT team. With their semi-automatic rifles pointed at her home, the team stood surrounding her home in tactical gear. 

“We looked out the front window, and two officers stood and put their assault rifles and pointed them directly at us," Abdullah said at a Cal State L.A. press conference. "And I realized they came for me. And they called out my address, said everyone needed to come out with their hands up.”

On the evening of August 12, Abdullah went live on her Instagram account thanking the over 300 people who privately messaged her after the swarm attack by LAPD SWAT. Abdullah stated on Instagram live that the police lie and aren’t to be believed, regarding any of the particulars of the attack.

In the early hours of August 12th, an 911 call falsely reported that there was a hostage situation at Abdullah’s home. To this alleged call, LAPD SWAT responded by showing up at the residence.

We Condemn This Attack

Those of us who are supporters and allies of BLM and Black liberation activists understand that intimidation, threats, and terror are commonplace by authorities. Recently District Attorney of Los Angeles’ husband David Lacey was charged with three misdemeanors after pointing a gun at BLM activists including Abdullah when they protested outside of the Lacey residence. The misdemeanor charges were placed on August 3rd by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. 

One of our own CSO members, longtime Chicano revolutionary Carlos Montes, had his home raided by the FBI and LA County Sheriff's SWAT on May 17, 2011. In another act of terror, the FBI could have seriously injured Montes. Carlos has also been the victim of threats of bodily harm, false accusations, rumors, and insults. 

Additionally, family members of those killed by LASD and LAPD have been repeatedly harassed by LA County Deputies when they fight back. A sister of Paul Rea, who was killed by East LA Sheriffs, was arrested and kidnapped by deputies when she was visiting the memorial site for her brother. On other occasions, other families like Anthony Daniel Vargas’ (also killed by East LA Sheriffs) have been stalked by the same deputies Nikolis Perez and Jonathan Rojas who killed Vargas.

As we continue our struggle, we expect attacks. However, we will not let them quash our fight for justice. An attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us.

We will not allow for this attack to go unnoticed or unopposed. Whoever gave the false tip must be held accountable. We demand LAPD SWAT and District Attorney Jack Lacey issue apologies now to Dr. Melina as well as Black Lives Matter. Continuing with our mission to fight for and defend survivors as well as victims of police terror, we will never shy away from fighting back. Enough is enough!


One of our members drove past the Hall of Justice where Lacey’s office is located and noticed various LA Sheriff's patrol vehicles surrounding the building. This practice is not commonplace on a regular business day. We are left to wonder: Are they thinking the people will fight back after their terrorist act on Black Lives Matter?

Every Wednesday starting at 3:00 pm Black Lives Matter holds weekly protests outside of Lacey’s office located at 211 W Temple St. Los Angeles, CA 90012. We urge you to attend today, and every Wednesday to show your solidarity! Not one more killing by LASD or LAPD, and not one more life taken by authorities and justified as “within policy” by Lacey!