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Asarco strike hits six-month mark

By Jim Byrne |
April 21, 2020
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Asarco strike hits six-month mark

Tucson, AZ -Despite the closure of the physical presence of picket lines due to COVID-19, the eight unions representing nearly 2000 workers on strike at five Asarco facilities in Texas and Arizona remain “One day longer, one day stronger” against the abusive global copper giant.

In addition to the financial blow being dealt to Asarco by having production halted by around 50%, the unions, their members, and community supporters have organized protests and awareness campaigns about Asarco and parent organization GrupoMexico’s illegal labor and environmental practices.

In February, a group of Steelworkers busted into the swanky Marriott Hotel’s conference room to shame Asarco at a regional mining group conference chanting “Shame on Asarco, fair pay now!” before being removed by security.

Recently, the eight unions created a divestment campaign aimed at drawing awareness of Asarco and GrupoMexico’s violation of labor rights and environmental laws. The unions hope to create bad press among current and potential investors. In fact, in January, a pension fund in Denmark divested and blacklisted its stock because of their “irresponsible and criminal behavior.”