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FRSO labor delegation meets with Venezuelan trade union leaders

By Tom Burke and Jared Hamil |
March 10, 2020
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FRSO labor delegation in Venezuela with Francisco Torrealba, President of the Venezuelan Transport Workers Union. (FightBack! News/Staff)

Caracas, Venezuela - On March 9, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization labor delegation met with Venezuelan transport sector union leaders. The delegation met to support the struggle of union workers against Trump's sanctions and economic blockade. President Francisco Torrealba of the Venezuelan Transport Workers Federation spoke, "We welcome you to Venezuela and hope to build ties between workers and unions of both countries." He proudly said, "President Maduro is a member of our union!"

Jesus Delgado, president of the airlines sector for the transport workers union, and also a worker at Conviasa airlines, explained his history, “I was part of the national airline it was privatized and quickly went bankrupt. I was laid off with no severance pay. Then Commandante Chavez, the president, restarted a new national airline that President Trump is now attacking with sanctions."

Speaking to the assembled Venezuelan trade union leaders, Gabriella Killpack, a leader of the FRSO labor delegation, spoke to the Venezuelan teamsters and transport union leaders. "Workers must fight the U.S. sanctions within the belly of the beast and stand with the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution!"